Grieving parents can learn from this family

Grace while Grieving

The extraordinary parents of Ty Louis Campbell, known for good reason, as SuperTy, opened their hearts and their family’s story to us in unimaginably brave ways. They shared the agony and inspiration of caring for and losing a child. Their child. Her child became our child because his mom, Cindy, wrote her way through her young son’s heroic fight against a rare and aggressive brain cancer.

She let us sit beside her as she cherished the chance to bathe and snuggle her best little boy when he was not in the hospital. She shared “smile of the day” photos,  allowing us a window into her indescribable ability to find joy and gratitude in the most horrific experience a parent can imagine.

Cindy's words provide profound life lessons for all of us who are parenting or caring for children.

Dealing with death head on

In this post I shared Cindy's heartbreaking news that medicine had no more tricks up its sleeve for Ty, no more surgeries, treatments, no more hope.

In Cindy's blog, this brave mom revealed in raw, insightful detail the psychological landscape of how a mother holds on tightly to hope of a miracle (because her son, pulled off his fair share of miraculous rebounds) while experiencing the agonizing process of letting go, and then the most despairing of all, the final loss of her boy. It's an impossible story she tells with elegance, dignity and the rawest of honesty.

I describe Cindy as the most astonishing woman I’ve never met.

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