My midlife dating coach is a 6th grade girl

My midlife makeover, dating coaches are 6th grade girls

Best Midlife Makeover Advice Comes from Middle School Girls

Say you’re a post-divorce, midlife gal who has not been on a date in 17 years. Just say that’s your deal. And say you made the courageous choice to accept the offer of a date in the near future.

And say this post-divorce midlife gal is self-aware enough to realize she may require assistance in updating herself in general to prepare for this 17-years-in-coming date.

Who’s she gonna call?

If you want the brutal, whole truth nothing but the truth, it’s a no brainer. Ask a gaggle of middle-school girls. Highly fashion, hair, makeup-conscious middle school girls. Who else is going to tell you The Whole Truth?

Since my daughter (mercifully) runs with a group of girls who tolerate their embarrassing mothers, I gathered her posse of lovelies and – against all advice from every friend, colleague, co-worker and family member I asked – gave the group an assignment: Emergency Maternal Midlife Makeover

First, of course, we had to establish rules of conduct:

Be honest, but not cruel. Focus only on things I can remake before Saturday night: behavior, clothing, hair, makeup, accessories, general comportment.

Remember my feelings. Do not hurt them. Do not judge me. Your suggestions must be made with empathy and understanding, you 6th Grade girls. Don’t treat me like you treat each other. Or other people. Or yourselves. Be kind.

My daughter made a general announcement that made my chest heave with pride and love, my eyes well up with tears.

Remember, she’s still my mom, even though this is a total, massive fashion - and everything- emergency.

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