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I couldn't resist offering a little marriage and relationship advice to Prince William and Kate Middleton on the day of their Royal Wedding. Doesn't everybody give you advice on your wedding day? My post today on NBC's site is called: A Letter to Kate Middleton from the Real Housewives of America. Here's the beginning:

Dear Kate:

I'm still asleep but you're probably married by now, right? So, congratulations. I hope you got a chance to eat something. Why don't we ever eat at our own wedding?

Anyway, it's all cuddles and crumpets now but soon enough you'll just be another woman navigating the swirls, swells and undertows of marriage. I've read you want to be a new kind of Royal, that you and Wills are looking to break away from some of the more suffocating British traditions and break free of some of the baggage attached to Buckingham Palace. If that's true, I thought it my duty as an independent American woman and veteran of marriage and unmarriage, to offer a bit of advice from our radical marital perspective across the sea. We know a little something about breaking away.  

Read the advice I offered: A Letter to Kate Middleton from the Real Housewives of America

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