A Body Image Holiday Wish List

During the time of year when we take special care to show love to others, don’t forget to show your body that same kindness.

Little Bitty Pretty One

When we constantly tell little girls how pretty they are, we communicate that looks matter more than other qualities.

Stop Saying “You Are Beautiful”

They're well intended. But those “You are beautiful” messages can be harmful.

Is It Dangerous for Celebrities to Talk About Anorexia?

Celebrities regularly share the details of their mental health with fans, but when it comes to eating disorders, these disclosures could lead to negative outcomes.

Seven Ways to Fight the Body Image Blues

Let’s reclaim some of that time we spend despairing about our bodies and get back to what really matters.

The Ugly Truth About Silencing Women

When we ignore what women say in order to focus on how they look, we stifle meaningful debate and feed a culture that is already too saturated with appearance-driven commentary.
“’Bikini girls’ mosaic at Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina, Sicily”/Kenton Greening/Wikimedia Commons

Enough Talk of Bikini Bodies

Women who want to improve their fitness need realistic, healthy goals — not shame.

Dove’s Latest Body Positivity Failure

If Dove’s bottles could speak, they’d blend right into the chorus of voices encouraging women to take an objectified perspective on their own bodies.

A Gift From Mothers to Daughters

The messages we hear about women and beauty make it hard to have healthy attitudes toward our bodies. But we can make certain those messages stop at our own front door.
"Fitball_Group_Fitness_Class"/www.localfitness.com.au /CC BY-SA 3.0

Body Shame Is Not a Diet Plan

Fostering body shame is not an effective way to get healthy. Shame makes you want to withdraw from important activities and meaningful connections with others. Shame can be a threa