Portrait of farmed turkey.

Noble in visage, proud in spirit.

I'll show you. . .
with so many reasons why
there but for fortune go you and I, you and I.[1]

There is nothing more gratifying than doing something that you never thought you could do. Whether it’s refraining from eating the last cookie, speaking up for a co-worker in front of the boss, or stepping out of an airplane and parachuting for the first time, the result is the same. You did it and it feels good. So how does this empowerment work?

One: Recognizing that you want to do something you know is right and good.

Two: Pushing aside fear for yourself to do the right thing.

Three: Doing the right thing.

These are the psychological challenges that all great people have successfully met even though it may have cost them personally — losing their friends, losing their jobs, losing their lives. César Chávez, Harriet Tubman, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and many others, famous and not so famous, have followed the three simple steps to empowerment. Two on that list include Karen Davis and Sandra Higgins.

Karen Davis is the founder of United Poultry Concerns www.upc-online.org and Sandra Higgins is the founder of Eden Farm Animal Sanctuary. [2] [3] Both have placed the welfare of Turkeys ahead of their own. Both lend their voices to those silenced by denial and indifference. Both sacrifice human privilege to stand by the Innocents. Now, the rest of humanity can follow suit, and even do so without fear.

Science has given its blessing to animal rights and plant-based diets. Neuroscientists at the University of Cambridge declared that all animals think, feel and experience consciousness comparable to us.[4] This means that elephants, bats, cats, birds, and fish are just like us in the way that we think makes us special. By science’s logical inference, the horrible, but accurate reality emerges: sitting down to eat a Turkey is akin to carving up a human child.

Take the step to empowerment and act on what you know: stop the annual genocide of 650 million fully conscious, sentient Turkey people. Transform Thanksgiving into a celebration of Turkey liberation and the salvation of our species. Do it because it is the right thing.


[1] Ochs. P.1964. There but for fortune.

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[4] Cambridge Declaration. 2012. The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness. http://fcmconference.org/img/CambridgeDeclarationOnConsciousness.pdf

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