Establishing a Family Constitution

Families need a similar governing set of rules to create a sense of calm and tranquility in the home. So gather the founding members of your family for a convention and start crafting a family constitution.

Siblings Are the Awesomest: Children Talk About Siblings

I figured if Piaget was able to develop entire theories and write countless books on cognitive development based on observations of his own children, I can at least write one article using the perspectives of my own offspring.

Obama and Netanyahu in Family Therapy

After the initial evaluation and assessment, the therapist identified three classic family dysfunctions that exist in the relationship between Barack and Bibi: enmeshment, triangulation, and emotional cut-offs.

Everything You Need To Know, You Learn From Siblings

There are many basic social situations that happen early in life with siblings that can offer a training ground for working on social and emotional development.

The Hazards of Being an Only Child

A careful examination of what we know today about the advantages of having siblings exposes the perils of being the only offspring in a family.
Siblings of Children with Disabilities

Siblings of Children with Disabilities

Focusing on some of the unique issues faced by siblings of individuals with disabilities is an important step in the continuous work that is being done in disability services overall.

Putin's Dark Sibling Psychology and the Crisis in Russia

Put together the unspoken, tragic loss of his two siblings, being an only child, and his overprotective parents, and we may have some glimpse into the complicated psyche of this recluse with an inflated ego and something to prove.

Responding to Sibling Fighting with …Spanking?

Imagine the irony of hearing a parent yell at their child “don’t ever hit your brother, we do not hit in this house…” as the parent proceeds to hit their child. Thou shall spank your child is not in the Bible.
Reconnecting with Siblings as Your New Year’s Resolution

Reconnecting with Siblings as Your New Year’s Resolution

Resolutions are hard to maintain. However, using these tips can help you reconnect with your siblings. The sibling bond is a relationship worth investing in – it will be the longest relationship you will ever have.

Time for the Holidays: The Absurdity of “Family Obligations"

Family gatherings should be about great memories, fun times, warm conversation, good food, and family pride. It should not be driven by a feeling of “obligation.”

”My Brother’s Keeper? Not in US Family Law”

When siblings are separated from each other in cases of adoption, divorce, or parental death they have very little legal recourse to seek visitation rights. Thankfully, State Rep. Rosita C. Youngblood, D-Philadelphia, is hard at work on changing this reality and I am delighted to join this important effort.

Till Death (of Our Parents) Do Us Part

When you need sibling support most, don’t allow past grievances to make a difficult time even harder.

Boston Marathon Bombers: The Dark Side of Sibling Support

An important dimension to this tragic story which can help clarify some of the personal aspects of this event is the sibling relationship dynamics that produced this catastrophic outcome.

The Super Bowl Lesson to Parents of Siblings

The embrace between John and Jim after the Super Bowl was a testament to the power of positive parenting. Invest in your children early on and they will make you proud. Just ask the Harbaugh parents what they felt when they saw that embrace. Jack and Jackie, you earned and deserve that sense of pride. I salute you!

The Super Bowl of Sibling Rivalry

Successful younger brother, in a big football family, playing against mediocre older brother in Super Bowl XLVII: Pressure is on, John.

“I Hate Your Awesome Boyfriend”: Overcoming Sibling Jealousy

Sibling jealousy is very common. However, an awareness of its existence and active steps to challenge the thoughts and behaviors that accompany this jealousy can help minimize this experience moving toward developing a healthy, supportive, and meaningful sibling relationship. A strong sibling bond to be jealous of…

Holidays With Family: Repairing Sibling Relations

Adult siblings are not immune from similar dynamics that plague childhood sibling interactions. At the core, adult sibling disputes are a manifestation of unresolved childhood feelings.
Fighting For A Piece Of Mom: Family Size And Sibling Relationships

Fighting For A Piece Of Mom: Family Size And Sibling Relationships

I knew that he had a large family but once we settled into our modest room I had a chance to meet his entire family: his wife and 9 children — ages 15 to 3 months.

“Are You Sure You Are Siblings?” Sibling Deidentification

I vividly remember the first day of science class in ninth-grade when my teacher took attendance. Five years prior he had the privilege of having my recalcitrant older brother in class—let’s just say my brother is not invited to reunions of that school.

When Siblings Attack

Siblings will fight, what is important is how you respond

To Label Is to Disable

I was known as the troublemaker among my siblings; it took me 20 years to stop believing it.

Did the Kennedys Need Friends?

With siblings like these, who needs friends?

The Wacky World of Siblings

My fascination with the sibling relationship began with a bloody nose.