Awe as an Antidote to the Polarized Mind

Awe-based tips for healing the social divides.

The Struggle for Awe in a Robotic Age

The cry for awe—the humility and wonder, and the sense of adventure toward living—in an age of devices and programming.

Becoming Awed, Part 2

Part 2 of an interview on individual and social implications of "awe" for Experience Life Magazine

Becoming Awed, Part 1

An interview with Experience Life Magazine

An "I-Thou" Dialogue Between a Police Officer and Activist

A fresh and, I believe, imperative approach to conflict mediation.

A Humanistic Pope?

With the emergence of Pope Francis, are there hints of a depolarization of orthodoxy?

Interview on the Sense of Awe

A personal interview on the nature and implications of "awe" for living.

The Sense of Awe Takes Center Stage

The sense of awe, or humility and wonder—sense of adventure—toward living is beginning to make notable waves in both the media and research on well being.

Reflections on Therapeutic Mastery, Part 2

Excerpts from a personal interview, continued

Reflections on Therapeutic Mastery, Part 1

Reflections on therapeutic mastery from an existential-humanistic point of view.

Reflections on Responsibility to Magnificence and Mystery

Brief thoughts on faith in the inscrutable and human responsibility

The Neglected Link Among World Crises

From a depth psychological ("awe-based") view, Why are people violent with one another and what steps can we take to address the problem?

The Age of Reason Must Give Way to the Age of Depth

In these days of school shootings, fanatical uprisings in the Middle East, and political upheaval at home, it may seem that these are all distinct events–yet think again.

The Peril Is Not Mental Illness but the Polarized Mind

There is a reason that many of the most twisted and destructive people on this planet are not seen as “mental patients.” They tend to be ordinary or even celebrated individuals—and their brains are as “normal” as the rest of us. Does this not tell us something glaring about the inadequacy of our current diagnostic system, as well as the culture out of which it arises?

An Ode to Awe

The awesomeness of life, of being, is inexhaustible. No matter what we lose, fear, or despise, it is there.

How to Prevent Extremism

We've got much more than an isolated problem with extremism in our country and world; we've got a broad and diversified problem

Polarized Mind: A New Book About Humanity's "Great Mistake"

How polarization and extremism are persistently repeated throughout history and some steps, from an existential-spiritual point of view, to address the problem.

The New Apologists for Modernity

How the New Apologists for Modernity Overlook Humanity's Complexity and Depth

The Renewal of Humanism in Psychotherapy

A landmark discussion has just been published. It is a document of historic proportions that can be drawn on to show the viability and flourishing of humanistic practice principles across diverse sectors of our profession.

Noteworthy Article on the New Existentialists Website

Underlying causes of military suicides; putting human beings in the position to kill other human beings?

Humanistic Psychology’s Chief Task

Why psychology needs to "reset" itself to be a complete psychology

Enchanted Agnosticism

Enchanted agnostics are the leaders-to-be of a new spiritual consciousness.

Biology and Awe: Psychology's Critical Juncture

It's time for the profession of psychology to wake up to its larger calling.

The Lure of Excess

How existential or awe-based psychology can address violence

Relationship-Based Democracy: A Depth Approach to the Legislative Process

Applying Therapeutic Methods to the Legislative Process

Some Thoughts on an Integrative Humanistic Psychology

Suggestions for the revival of humanistic and mainstream psychology

Thoughts on an Awe-Inspiring Career in Counseling

Reflections on awe-based awakening to the graduating Master's of Counseling Class at San Francisco State University, May 22, 2010

Toward a Humanistic Positive Psychology: Why Can't We Just Get Along?

A humanistic positive psychology would be greatly beneficial not only to the fields of humanistic and positive psychology but also to the in depth understanding of the life well-lived.