On the Benefits of Suffering

Everybody suffers. It’s just that we are masterful at distracting ourselves from it. A new LifeClub asks members early on to experience fully their stress, struggles and emotional pain. Find out why it is important to acknowledge and feel your “human condition” and prepare yourself for life crises.

Lessons from a Christmas Carol

There is a bit of Scrooge in all of us. Rearing up as competitiveness, as a victim mentality, to name a few. It can ruin the Christmas spirit that lies within us all. An Awakening to a new reality happens when you practice some simple skills.

The Third Jewel of Life

The missing ingredient to a life of happiness, wellbeing and Enlightenment is the so-called “Third Jewel of Life”—community. Find out what this ancient structure and practice looks like when professionally-engineered using 21st century principles and practices.

Life—the Great Escape

Join the club if you have to do something to unwind, relax or shake off the day and—here’s the catch—its gotten unhealthy, obsessive or out of balance. Find out why and what you can do about it.

Lessons from a Rollercoaster

The view from the top of a rollercoaster can be a portal into your own mind—your own brain for that matter. For some more than others. For everyone, rollercoasters are a reminder, a wake up call, to continue your spiritual development and train for inevitable life crises while you are able.

Your Spiritual Brain: Gateway to an Incredible Life

Your brain can take you to heights you can’t now even imagine. Shrouded in spiritual language for millennia, the perspectives and practices of the 21st century give you a rare opportunity to make progress not possible before. Find out why the peak of brain development is life-changing. Learn a simple skill to launch yourself right now.

Livin' the Dream, Beyond Your Dreams

Do you want to be healthy, happy and deeply fulfilled? You can practice self-improvement and wellness of body & mind until the cows come home and still not feel happy or find health and fulfillment. This psychiatrist, naturopath, brain researcher and experienced meditator offers guiding principles to create a dream life that is beyond what you can dream.

Depression As We Get Older

Biological depression is a part of life for millions of older adults. Yet, that may be the tip of the iceberg for a syndrome that blends into the common experience of practically everyone who reaches older ages. Ancient wisdom combined with new scientific evidence sheds a light on how the inevitable struggle of aging can be turned into your best life possible.

Is Extreme Wellbeing on Your "Must Have" List?

Wellbeing is feeling really good. Where everything seems to be clicking — you feel physically well and good about yourself, your relationships and your life. Ratchet that up any amount and you enter the realm of extreme wellbeing. If that isn’t on your list of “must haves,” put it there! The 21st century offers opportunities like never before.

What is Enlightenment?

An ancient discovery passed down and rediscovered through countless generations, Enlightenment is a subject as worthy of understanding in the 21st century as it was 4,000 years ago.

Special vs. Extraordinary

Are you driven to be special? To be recognized for a special talent, accomplishment or trait? Or just to be recognized for anything? Then here's the question... Are you pursuing specialness at the expense of what is more powerful, lasting and true: extraordinariness?

Are You a Compulsive Happiness-Seeker?

Eastern spiritual wisdom has much to say about happiness. Combining Eastern wisdom with Western psychology and wellness can reveal some interesting facts and clear strategies for finding deep and abiding happiness — and resisting compulsive pleasure-seeking.

How to Turn Stress into Big Success

If you lead a busy modern life, then there's one crucial strategy from Eastern practices that will help you find real happiness. This one skill (hint: it's in your brain) will keep you from being led astray and swallowed up by stress.

Can Life Be Perfect?

Can life be perfect? Here’s some news: We’re all programmed to seek an ideal life, partner, job, income, family…self. It’s in our nature. So can we ever find perfection in any or all of those things? Or are we destined to be frustrated? The answer may surprise you…