What if you blew up your schedule and rebuilt it around your ability to birth genius?

What if you started with a blank, white schedule, then added in 4 to 5 hours a day, in fluid bursts, where you dropped into uninterrupted, hyper-focused “maker mode?”

What if then, and only then, you added back in a smattering of “manager mode” items, like meetings, calls, conversation and administrtivia. But only what could fit into a designated 2 to 3 hour window every day?

And what if you kept on this schedule for a week, a month, a season…for life?

How might this change not only what you’re capable of creating, but the way you engage with the people you adore and your ability to rebuild a vital, healthy body, mind, spirit and life?

What might the net impact of this shift be on the world around you?

What if, as legendary Boulder, Colorado venture capitalist, Techstars co-founder, and author, Brad Feld offers, you picked the 2% where you could make a massive difference and put everything you’ve got into it?

And let everything else go…

Well, last summer, Brad did just that.

Moving to a mountain house in Keystone with his wife and a few golden retrievers, he abandoned his insanely packed schedule, mountains of meetings, constant calls, 16-18 hour days, and spent 3 months away from the din of the world. Writing, creating, running and connecting.

What unfolded was extraordinary. Many surprises and awakenings. Both about the true impact his “regular” schedule was having on him, and what that pace was doing to his ability to pick his 2% and put everything he had against it. To make the greatest difference.

In this week’s Good Life Project, I sit down with Brad in Keystone, Colorado for a remarkable, incredibly candid conversation about this experience.

His insights are nothing short of stunning.

But we go way beyond the maker mode experiment and explore specific structures and strategies he’s implemented that have allowed him to craft an extraordinary career, while exalting his relationship with his wife, Amy, and pursuing the quest to run a marathon in every state.

And, in the comments below, share any experiments you’ve made with maker mode and what you’ve learned…

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