Naked and Silent

Your biggest blind spot is not the market, it’s not resources, ideas, or strategies.

Desire: Hedonism Or Happiness?

One of the words that keeps returning to me when I answer that question in the context of my work is…Lit up!

Label Yourself

Nobody wants to be put in a box. We hate labels. I’m not one-dimensional.

What, You Don’t Need Me?

Last Friday, my kid and I bundled up (okay, so it wasn’t THAT cold, but it makes for a better story) and went on a bit of a mini annual pilgrimage. It was the 12th anniversary of the yoga studio I founded, Sonic Yoga, in Hell’s Kitchen, NY.

Full Circle

By the time I meet Steve, business is humming along and his kids have joined the party, turning letters loose on reclaimed skateboard decks and various other items.

Live To Tell

Funny thing is, that’s what I like to write as well. And if you look at the work that’s shared most over time her in our tribe, it’s almost always story-driven.

Do It Because It’s What You’re Here To Do

This book is the key that will unlock my dreams. Oh, and Mr. Waddlesmith from 10th grade who said I was a no-talent moron…who’s the dummy now?!

Hoping Others Fail Is Not a Strategy

Zero sum game situations still rule so much of life. And when they do, we’ve generally got a two step strategy.

One Person, One Moment—a Lifetime of Change

It could be a deed, a word, an experience. Seconds long. Something that shifts your belief and empowers faith and action. Sometimes that new state is negative or destructive. I’m more fascinated with positive or constructive snapping.

Can I Feel Your Soul Through Your Work?

The answer is your voice. Your stories. Your lens.

Want to Make Better Stuff? Be a Better Person

He once made Eric Clapton wait 10 years for a guitar. Not out of spite or ego, just because, well, he’s one guy, he still does most things by hand and the list of people who want guitars from him is 10 years long. Though, as I’d soon discover, that wait time is potentially hackable with persistence and a regular flow of fresh pies. Still, it’ll take years.

Playing With Fire

Is it worth the [insert synonym for your handpicked version of hell] I’m going through, or is that perpetual feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me to fold?

Revisiting the F-Bomb

I wanted to talk about the post and about how he somehow uses 4-letter words for good.

Why Most Lawyers Make Terrible Entrepreneurs

Over the years, a number of people have suggested that I run workshops for lawyers who want to be (or think they want to be) entrepreneurs.

Good Enough to Get Out of Your Own Way

Release yourself from the blinders of what you think will happen into the reality of what is happening.

Go Public With Your Bad Self?

You know that thing you’ve been saying you want to do but haven’t been doing because you’re not good enough to do it in public and you’re terrified of being judged?

The Tyranny of Connectivity

The phone is blank. No apps beyond the factory installed ones. No email. No Twitter. No Facebook. No nothing!

Helping Others Rise

Engage on a level that strips illusion.

Entrepreneurship as a Practice

Most people look at entrepreneurship as a project. But that’s the wrong approach. Because entrepreneurship, in the wild, doesn’t work that way.

Stop Talking, Start Doing

I turned that email off, but I’m thinking about turning it back on for the duration of 2013.

Questions Are Easy. Listening Is Hard.

When you listen deeply, the right questions come naturally. Hearts open. Stories tumble. Conversations soar. Magic happens.

Work. Life. Blend.

Confession – I don’t believe in work-life balance. And neither does my guest on this week’s episode of Good Life Project, Mitch Joel.

It May Be Your Baby, But Is It Your Thing?

Entrepreneurs breath life into a business because (1) they see an opportunity and (2) they’ve got mad skills or knowledge in the area of need.

The Only Bad Decision Is Indecision

So maybe you took the “wrong” job?! What can you LEARN from the experience of living in a place of misaligned action? What skills, resources, relationships can you cultivate doing the “wrong” thing that’ll advise and accelerate your quest to get closer to the “right” thing?

Mind Over Medicine: Wild, Dangerous Claims or Salvation?

Rankin is an M.D. who walked away from her practice of mainstream medicine after a highly-successful career. She was frustrated, angry and looking for answers that traditional guidelines didn’t seem to support.

Rally Cries and Revolutions

“Away from” is a rally cry, but it’s not an organizing principle.

Feel to Live: The Secret Life of an Empath

It’s been a huge asset as an entrepreneur, marketer, leader and artist. I can get into people's heads, understand what they need, want, desire, aspire to. What makes them vibrate with emotion, good and bad. It lets me work on more of an emotional level, see past facades and words, then speak to, create, and solve for what really matters.

The Power of Sacred Self-Promises

Every Sunday, young Vernon Bush and his family would pile into the car and drive 150 miles to the church where his dad would preach. Like most churches of that time, there was a small gospel choir that Vernon dutifully blended into.

Drive-By Book Review: Godin, Pink and Feld, Oh My

There are no similar jobs to go back to, leaving us to return to the thing we did before the industrial revolution—contribute from a place of craft and meaning.

No Excuses: Behind the Curtain With Marie Forleo

Ever look at someone who seems to be fearless, on top of the world, massively sccuessful, relentlessly confident and focused…and wonder how they got that way?