How to Handle Other People's Bad Phone Habits

What do you do when someone insists on using their phone at the wrong time? Do you sit idly by or do you call out the offender?

Who’s Really Getting Us Addicted to Technology?

There are four people conspiring to keep you connected and they may not be whom you’d expect.

A Surefire Tip For Making Yourself Do What You Need to Do

New research reveals an effective way to get ourselves to do tough tasks.

Can’t Kick a Bad Habit? You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

A technique to use identity change for behavior change.

How New Payment Technology Can Manipulate You

Digital payment systems use subtle tactics to increase tips, and while it’s certainly good for hard-working service workers, it may not be so good for your wallet. Here's the hidden psychology of why you unconsciously pay more.

The Psychology of Landing a Major Book Deal

How one author landed a major book deal using three psychological principles.

Is Some Tech Too Addictive?

Companies have an obligation to protect addicted users of their products. Establishing some kind of upper limit helps ensure that users do not abuse the service and that companies do not abuse their users.

The App of God

Red States and Churches sending a message to Silicon Valley.

Why Behavior Change Apps Fail to Change Behavior

When our autonomy is threatened, we feel constrained by our lack of choices and often rebel against doing the new behavior. Psychologists call this “reactance.”

How to Boost Desire Using the Psychology of Scarcity

Interested in boosting customer desire? A classic study reveals how.

The Curse of the Network Effect

We have all seen the internet startup that was created out of seemingly thin air that gets sold for billions of dollars just by having people show up to their site, but the true stories are far more variegated. The number of companies new and old jockeying for your clicks is baffling—getting visitors in the door is just the tip of the iceberg.

Think You Like What You Like? Think Again

Perhaps no other phenomenon demonstrates our brain’s ability to make believe better than the placebo effect.


What really makes us want? We want to know.

Designing to Reward Our Tribal Sides

How do tech products keep users coming back?

This Will Be the Last Article You Read

Avoid internet abyss and idleness all while becoming a more effective reader—too good to be true? Not really!

How Technology is Like Bug Sex

People flocking to technology like crazed animals and insects seems crazy to some, but all to real for many. Are we addicted to our devices?

Time for Digital Hat Racks

How often are you digitally masturbating?

Ways To Get People To Do Things They Don’t Want To Do

Getting people to do what you want is no secret, anymore.

The Network Effect Isn't Good Enough....

Platforms evolving on the internet, should users be wary?

Escape From Message Hell

How many messages do you get a day? Tired of reminder overload? Smartphones telling you to do too much or too little? Unable to get people's attention?

Mass Persuasion

Personalize your persuasion!

Getting Your Product Into the Habit Zone

Looking to build that startup and grow user experience?

Infinite Scroll: The Web's Slot Machine

A few years ago, everyone was clicking. Today, we’re all scrolling. What is it about this magical design pattern that has so many consumer web companies using it?

Where Have All the Users Gone?

The products that become a facet of users’ everyday lives will remake the web.

The Business of Manipulation

Ian Bogost, the famed game creator and professor, calls the wave of habit-forming technologies the "cigarette of this century" and warns of equally addictive and potentially destructive side-effects.