Ways To Get People To Do Things They Don’t Want To Do

Getting people to do what you want is no secret, anymore.

The Network Effect Isn't Good Enough....

Platforms evolving on the internet, should users be wary?

Escape From Message Hell

How many messages do you get a day? Tired of reminder overload? Smartphones telling you to do too much or too little? Unable to get people's attention?

Mass Persuasion

Personalize your persuasion!

Getting Your Product Into the Habit Zone

Looking to build that startup and grow user experience?

Infinite Scroll: The Web's Slot Machine

A few years ago, everyone was clicking. Today, we’re all scrolling. What is it about this magical design pattern that has so many consumer web companies using it?

Where Have All the Users Gone?

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The Business of Manipulation

Ian Bogost, the famed game creator and professor, calls the wave of habit-forming technologies the "cigarette of this century" and warns of equally addictive and potentially destructive side-effects.

Spotting the Next Facebook

Today Facebook will sell shares in one of the biggest tech IPOs in history. New investors will gobble up the stock to get a piece of the global phenomenon famously started in Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room in 2004.

Strange Sex Habits of Silicon Valley

My wife put our daughter to bed, brushed her teeth, and freshened up before bed. Slipping under the covers, we exchanged glances and knew it was time to do what comes naturally for a couple on a warm night in Silicon Valley.