On Suicide

What is tragic about suicide is that a person has convinced themselves that they need to kill their body. Something does need to be released, but it’s not the body.

Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

How do we choose to live? How do we find meaning?

Life and Death in Every Moment

When I embrace life and death in every moment it makes life richer.

Everything is Important and Nothing is Important

Getting stuck in either the big picture or the small details prevents a full experience of being human. Learning to hold these opposites simultaneously can lead to a rich life.

Putting Our National Politics on the Therapy Couch

How do we talk together as a nation?

Love and Psychotherapy

The therapist is always, first and foremost, a human being relating to another human being. Love is part of this equation.

The Pull of Death and the Embrace of Life

There is a freedom in acknowledging that I will die.

The Existential Crisis of Birdman

Birdman embodies the struggle to discover your authentic identity.

The Sin of Being Perfect

Voltaire wrote perfect is the enemy of good. Perfect is also the enemy of the authentic.

Manifesting an Authentic World

If we live from our authentic selves, we will ultimately act in the best interest of the world.

How Are You Dancing With Life?

We think life is static, but in reality, it is always in movement. If we are open to that movement, we discover who we are and who we are becoming.

5 Ways You Can Be Heroic Every Day

Pain, suffering, and tragedy are all aspects of life. Just facing the challenges that life gives you is heroic.

There is Always Something More

We feel emotional pain and that often becomes the end of the story. What if it is only the chapter heading? What if we explored the full chapter? I believe we would be immersed in the adventure of discovering the richness and depth of who we are.

Alienation and Authenticity

Being authentic is the opposite of alienation. It is knowing that you are the agent of your life and that you can interact with the world in a powerful and meaningful way.

The Anxiety of Being

Anxiety is a part of being human. It is how we relate to it that makes the difference whether or not we have a rich existence.

4 Ways to Experience Authentic Engagement

To live a full life, both in breadth and depth, we need to engage in a number of ways. This can be challenging as well as rewarding.

Authenticity and Identity

We may think we know who we are, but our identity is always changing. It’s fluid, subjective, and chosen. If we're always changing, how do we discover and create our authentic identity?

Nine Points to Consider

Nine ways of being that can help you discover and live the life you want.

The Gift of Our Wounds

Emotional wounds are an essential part of the human condition, for no one leaves this earth unscathed. How we relate to our wounds determines the gifts we receive from them.

We Are No-thing

Crisis often mobilizes us to experience the transitory nature of life and our no-thing-ness. Acknowledging that we are no-thing goes against the cultural paradigm that all we are is some-thing. One must come from the space of one’s no-thing in order to be authentically some-thing.

The Need for Authentic Meaning

We all want to know why we are here and how we can best move forward in our life path.

Self and Self-Discovery

For inward searching to be life changing, we must listen to what is going on inside of ourselves, with an expectation of self-discovery.

The Truth of Who You Are Will Set You Free

Humanistic psychology postulates that human beings, at their core, are worthy people with altruistic values who want to contribute to the world.

The Power of Silence

We live in a culture that values sharing every thought and feeling as it occurs. By paying attention to the silence within our conversations and embracing those spaces, we can connect more deeply with ourselves.

We Are All Worthy

You are inherently worthy. Before you ever do, achieve, or acquire, you are worthy. In other words, you are born worthy.

Thank Goodness There's No Escaping Choice

We are always choosing. We can't not choose, for even if we don't consciously choose something, the not-choosing is a choice. When I understand that living includes choosing, always and in every moment, this awareness is very profound. This process of choosing can be liberating and empowering as well as anxiety provoking and frightening.

In Search of the Authentic Life

It is the spring of 1971 and I am a 21 year old senior at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in economics. I believe psychology and psychotherapy are about some father or mother figure telling me what to do and how I should live my life. I want nothing to do with this, even though I'm not sure why.

Bringing Awe Into the Equation

Too often, cynical outlooks dominate conversations about what it means to be human. Kirk Schneider's new book revitalizes the dialogue because it is so open to the wonder of being alive.