Femme Fatale: Sexy Women Sway Men to Do Bad Things

Do sexy women send a man's moral compass haywire? New research shows that exposure to sexy images makes a man more likely to cheat, lie, and steal.

Why Do We Stay Single?

Humans, like other animals, have evolved to spread our genes. Which begs the question: why does anyone stay single?

How Popular is Sexting Among Teens?

Researchers from Utah have returned to a high school after four years to track changes in the popularity of sending sexual images via smartphones.

Do Tattoos Make Us Appear More Attractive?

Why do men get tattoos? New research suggests that getting 'inked' makes a man appear more healthy.

Military Training Changes Who We Find Attractive

Do you have a 'type'? Research shows that exposure to a tough environment, such as an army boot camp, can change your type -- altering the kinds of faces you are most attracted to.

Love at First Sniff?

Humans are a predominantly visual species, but we also use our noses to sniff out prospective mates.

How Testosterone Affects What Men Find Attractive

Testosterone, the male hormone, has well-known effects on muscle growth and competitiveness. But can it also affect how men perceive women's faces?

Politics From the Polling Booth to the Bedroom

Is our preferred political party linked to our sexual behaviour? New research suggests that certain sexual acts are associated with right/left political ideology.

This Is What Pornography Really Does to a Relationship

Two new studies go beyond the simple assumption that pornography is bad for relationships.

"Power Ties" Are Actually Powerless

Donald Trump is hardly a sartorial icon, though he is known for one eye-catching style choice—his “power ties." But does his favored red tie really make him seem more powerful?

Are Men Just Not Interested in Clever Women?

The claim that men are intimidated by clever women is backed by the results of a new study on speed-dating.

When You’re in Love With a Beautiful Woman (or Man)

New research shows that we keep a closer eye on our love rivals if our partner is hotter than us.

“Date Someone Your Own Size”

Couples who vary in weight experience more prejudice, receive advice to not date in public, and are rated as less likable, according to new research from California.

Why Are We Attracted to Our Friends?

Three new scientific papers reveal why we are prone to fall for our friends, and explain why so many of us try to remain friends with an ex.

Does FGM Make Women Less Interested in Sex?

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is practised in many countries, most of which are in Africa. Proponents of FGM claim that it limits women's interest in sex. But are they right?

Men's Self-Esteem Boosted by Female Pheromone

Are men flummoxed by the scent of a sexy woman? Scientists at Rutgers University made men sniff female pheromones to find out.

Fertility and Fairness

How the menstrual cycle influences women's sharing behaviour, and why your hormones (and the hormones of other women) have an impact on what you feel is fair.

The Uncanny Power of a Red Dress

Wearing red clothes makes women more attractive to men. But do women take advantage of this fact by wearing red when they want to attract a man’s attention?

Women Who Want a Son are More Attracted to Dominant Men

And predicting the sex of your child: do women who prefer a certain type of man think they're more likely to give birth to boys or girls?

Would You Ever Let Your Sibling Set You Up on a Date?

Research shows that women value physical attractiveness more when choosing a partner for themselves than for a sister.

Fear of Crime and the Allure of Bad Boys

New research reveals that women who feel vulnerable to crime are more attracted to dominant, formidable men.
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Do Women Like Handsome Men More Than Helpful Men?

Women are attracted to men who are altruistic and good looking. But, if you had to choose, which would be more important to you?

Masculine Men More Likely to Give Erotic Gifts

Confident and masculine men are more likely to give erotic gifts, according to researchers from Canada and Brazil.

Do Bullies Want Love, Not War?

Psychologists in Canada have found that bullies experience greater opportunities for sex. Bullies are more likely to have dated, had sex, and to report numerous sexual partners.

Do Men Really Eat 93 Percent More When Women Are Around?

A team of economists from Cornell University have found that the amount of food we eat depends on the sex of our dining partner.

Eating Garlic Makes Men Smell More Attractive

New research from psychologists in Scotland and the Czech Republic has revealed that eating this sulfurous bulb could improve your body odor.

The Personality Profile of the Selfie-Addict

Psychologists from Germany and Poland reveal the personality traits of men and women who can't help posting selfies online.

Feeling Hormonal? Slap on the Makeup

Women use more cosmetics when their testosterone levels are high, according to new research by psychologists at the University of Glasgow.

Is There a Problem With Bearded Men?

Psychologists in Australia have discovered that men who choose to grow a beard are more sexist than their clean-shaven peers.

Would Anyone Vote For That Face?

Do we vote only according to our values or because we like how a politician looks and sounds?