Rallying the Troops Versus Quieting the Indignation

Is open-mindedness enough to make us more tolerant of other groups?

What Do We Do When Our Reasons Seem Weak?

Why is the gap between political viewpoints growing larger? Mechanisms for reducing attitude uncertainty may be part of the answer.

Do Uniform Colors Matter in Sports?

Does the color of a sports team's uniforms influence how they are perceived and how they behave? A look using archival data from professional sports.

Ideological Extremism, Emotion, and Attitudes to Immigration

Did Brexit happen because of ideology and attitudes to immigration?

How Do You Best Persuade Conservatives and Liberals?

When it comes to protecting the environment, conservatives and liberals are persuaded by different types of messages.

Terror Attacks, Values, and Attitudes

Do terror attacks increase prejudice? Their impact on values we hold dear has consequences.

Did Hearing "O Canada" Make Me Want to Eat Poutine?

Can different types of music and sounds influence the food we buy and how much we like it?

Is Your Dark Side Stronger?

Is it easier to think in a way that favors our own groups? Thinking in an egalitarian way may take time and energy.

Are You a Hypocrite? Good!

On the benefits of saying one thing and doing another: Being reminded of your own hypocrisy can help you change your attitudes and behavior.

What Can We Learn From Reading Online Reviews?

To write a review or not to write a review (and simply use stars)

The Surprising Way That Simple Actions Can Change Your Mind

Can holding a pen in your mouth lead you to see cartoons as more or less funny?

What's in a Name? More Than You Think.

Is Darren more likely to be persuaded by Derek or Stuart?

It's Time for an Attitude Check

Some people are lightening rods for public scrutiny. Love them or loathe them, they always make headlines. Figures ranging from Presidents, like Barack Obama, to prominent celebrities, like Justin Bieber, get people’s attention. We’d argue that they get our attention because they strongly evoke attitudes – as people tend to like or dislike things in their world.