Many physicists tell us we only “see” a hint of what’s in our world (last calculation I read stated around 5%). Psychology and neurology tell us we are inundated with millions of bits of information per second and can focus on only a fraction.

And then there is Neil Harbisson - born with the inability to see color. He wears, however, a prosthetic device that allows him to hear colors, even those which are beyond the capabilities of human vision. Harbisson has discussed this ability on TEDTalk, referring to how many more colors he realized once his brain was wired to “hear” them. He light-heartedly commented on how he could now pick the colors of his clothes or choose meals according to how they sound. He can also discern whether things are good or harmful through sound.

Makes me wonder just how much good we may be missing until we literally re-wire our brains to tune in.

Harbisson calls the device, which he wears on his forehead, an eyeborg, and it works by transposing light frequencies to sound frequencies.

The Power of Sound

Today we have brain-sensing devices and computers at our fingertips. We can customize playlists to influence our brain and reset our moods. We can record our brainwaves, put them on an iPod and optimize our mindset anytime, anywhere. We have sound devices to help alleviate the stress and pain involved with cancers and other illness.

Many of these advances are owing to old knowledge as well – some dating to Pythagoras (lived from 570 - 490 BC) who hypothesized that sound vibrations affect all things in the universe, including the organs within the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), also dating back millenniums, uses vibrational energy (with mindfulness) to help detect physical and mental dysfunction at the preventive level – nailing them before they manifest - or treating them if they do.

Enter Nature: Sound, Color, Scent and more …

Many of us are doing research to bring the best of the worlds of Nano and Nature together. This concept moves forward from the understanding that we are part of nature and nature us and that many answers we seek in regard to our own health, happiness, and interrelationships can be found in increasing our mindfulness to this connection.

One aspect of this evolves around our sensitivity to nature’s cyclical energies or seasons. Just as Harbisson mindfully hears color, we can mindfully feel nuances of seasonal energies - sounds, colors, the surges and wanes - as with spring’s seeding of new beginnings or winter’s deeper reflection and creativity. We can learn to use nature to help us alleviate stress, gridlock, and depression, to improve attention and feel on top of our game.

Perceiving What We Cannot See

Start today. Paying attention to what’s been under the radar can help you perceive how impacting these energies are on what happens to you on a daily basis. Then, you can learn to better manage and optimize them.

Spend more time outdoors. Identify what natural elements uplift you, which calm. These may be places/things, sounds, scents, colors – feelings such as the coldness of water etc. Put attention on specifically “how” these natural elements make you feel. In my book, The Five Seasons, I cite many activities you can engage for discovery. Here are two:

• Find a place that calms. Perhaps for you it is the ocean beach. Listen to the symphony of sounds. Using as many senses as possible, observe colorations in the ocean and sky, the plethora of soft blues and greens etc. Take pictures. Later, purchase the “sound” from iTunes or another source. Make an iPod/Cell phone slide show with soundtrack. Title it: Calming Playlist. Play often, 7-12 minutes. Use before entering stressful situations. Soon, you can just close your eyes and imagine your waves! Then like Harbisson, your brain will start to “go there” automatically after a few weeks of repeated use. Don’t be surprised if your mind goes there for calm even in your dreams.

• Find a place that energizes or uplifts you. Proceed as above.

The Fifth Season: A Symphony of Personal Empowerment, Creativity, and Healing

Right now, mindfulness is the rage in healthcare. This is because it can often complement conventional treatments and emphasizes a return to positive energy.

Nature’s fifth season is late summer. It represents the essence of who you are and in holistic traditions is the headquarters of your mindfulness. You can learn to use it to coordinate nature’s other seasonal energies to get unstuck from dysfunctional employment, relationships, addictions, depression, and stress, or deal with the pains of scary diagnosis, surgeries, and other life changes. Most individuals say they never realized such empowerment was possible, but once they experience it, they can’t imagine living any other way.


Note: To discover more ways you can tap into the natural environment for health, happiness and harmony - all year round - you may wish to check out my newest book THE FIVE SEASONS (June, 2013).

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