Happy Mind, Happy Life: A Valentine’s Day Gift

The luxurious, high-quality energy of relationships we initially connect with is real.

You Just Got Dumped – Nice Timing, Right?

These 5 energy changers can help heal your broken heart.

Be-Dazzled Instead of Be-Frazzled

This is a good time of year to build more psychological “currency.”

What Your Radio Knows About You

One day not so long ago, I was flipping through channels on my car radio, looking for the song that would hit the spot.

Creativity Rules: In Honor of Jimmy Breslin

Like Joseph Heller’s Catch 22, Jimmy Breslin’s work became so influential that it morphed into a colloquialism and changed the world of writing and art.

When Aging Parents Feel Like Giving Up—Now What?

The emotional price for caregiving can be high. But there are some things you can do to improve your energy and that of your loved one.

Improving Physical Movement With Visualization

This mechanism has been mined by sports for years, but it is useful to health and healing beyond the sport world.

Energy Bites for Teachers

Often times the last person teachers think about is themselves.

Does Your Relationship Have Compassion?

At one point or another, most people wonder if their relationship is stable.

One Easy Way to Get Better Sleep

If you are having difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep, and/or sleeping well, here is one easy thing you can do to get some relief.

Relationships – 10 Practices for High Quality Energy

Keeping the good energy flowing is fun. It is also a gift.
JC PixTeller

Relationships: When “Arrows” of Annoyance Strike

Many of us mentally experience a few painfully irritating zingers that hit our mindset like static electricity shocks before we even get out of the door in the morning.

The Energy of Relationships

Have you ever hit the figurative physical, emotional, or mental wall?

Energies to Live a Vivid Life

Our bodies are incredible, intelligent instruments. When we listen to them, they will help us know exactly what kind of energy we require to achieve the power and balance we need to get things done and live our best life.

Peace in Ourselves, Peace in the World: Body-Mind Altering

Our body-mind connection can bring more energy and peace into our lives.

Getting Up and Hitting the Road Feeling Good

Becasue you feel better, you operate better.

Not Sleeping?

Rolling around in bed thinking a mile a minute when you want to be sleeping isn’t fun. Sometimes a simple mindfulness routine can turn down the tensions and send you into dreamland.

Say What? Why Do People Forget They Have a Live Mic?

What is it that makes this universal faux pas in attention and concentration so easy to occur?

Want to Feel Good, Live Better, and Probably Live Longer?

The other night I watched with great interest a PBS special on heart health. The focus of the show was on Dr. Steven Masley’s book titled "The 30-Day Heart Tune-Up," to be released in paperback next month.

Minimize Distraction: When Customers Feel They Aren’t Heard

As you shift from one situation to another, pay attention to how you are paying attention.

Ride the Wave of Winter

You may notice that the way you feel during winter has developed into a sort of a pattern over the years.
Relight the Spark between You

Relight the Spark between You

Remember when you and your partner first started dating?

Parenting Gifted Children: The Best Thing You Can Do

All too often parents of gifted children are either vigorously informed that “special curriculums for gifted students are unnecessary” or pointedly asked such question as, “Haven’t you noticed there are plenty of other smart kids in their school system who are doing just fine?”

Close to Tragic: Unconsidered Personality

Echoes of the mantra “every person is unique” are heard everywhere from rock and roll to kids’ cartoons. But how much do we actually take this anthem into consideration in our everyday relations and particularly in the world of gifted education? And well, what may be at stake if we don’t?

Nature of the Gifted Learner: An Interview With Dr. Tebbs

“I can only speculate here, but if a holistic approach was to be sustained throughout the 13,000 hours a young person spends in school K-12 ... "
Being Bilingual Sparks Creativity

Being Bilingual Sparks Creativity

Linguistic influence can spark early patterns of creative skill, thinking and vision that then snowball later in life.
Gifted Learners - New Holistic Methodology and Tech

Gifted Learners - New Holistic Methodology and Tech

Join in this up close interview with Dr. Trevor Tebbs, as we move from Defining Holistic Education, to Holistically Parenting Gifted Kids, and then onto the subject of Core Curriculum and Gifted Children.

7 Ways to Sweeten Your Mind-Body-Spirit This Spring

Your urge to bust out of cabin fever has function.

Self-Help For Insomnia Can Be as Near as Your Cellphone

Use your mind’s attachment to musical frequencies for comfort, safety, and love.

Using Music to Help Stick to Your Diet

If you are dieting and have had a bad day at work, you may go home craving comfort food. One possible way to help stick to your diet is to use music.