Adult PANDAS: Seek and Ye Shall Find

The autoimmune disorder PANDAS is common in adults. Unfortunately it is not diagnosed because it is not looked for. Psychiatrists in particular, and all physicians need to learn the key features that will lead to the diagnosis. Patients need to know as well and push for proper evaluation and treatment.

The Ego, The Superego & The Twitter

Freud was right. Twitter has proven it. All those blurts, witty ripostes, cutting sarcasm, wickedly nasty thought bubbles, all that stuff you think but learned not to say--at least in public--you now Tweet without thinking. And you learn that the public at large has one hell of thin skin and potent Superego. Snark less, censor more.

Hormone Imbalance, Not Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is grossly over-diagnosed and mis-diagnosed. In many cases it is mistaken for hormonal fluctuations, irregularities or imbalances which can be readily diagnosed and treated, eliminating the diagnosis and miserable treatment of the non-existent BPD.

Premenstrual Syndrome Update

Why suffer the misery of PMS when a simple medication regimen can relieve it virtually all of the time. At least the emotional and psychological parts.

Crazy People with Guns

Focus on the disturbed and weird people, the dysfunctional systems and the "rights" that grew from the Great Society. The Second Amendment rights come from perspicacity. The others from politics.

Malignant Neglect

Contorted privacy rights and political agendas kill more people than guns. When there is no self-control gun control is irrelevant. I see it every day.

Simple Cures, Not Central Planning

While there is no certainty, it appears that a sufficiency of Supreme Court justices are skeptical of Obamacare. Starting with an uninformed assumption that the law will be deemed unconstitutional in toto and thrown out, what then?

Prescription Famine–Video Blog

Where have all the prescriptions gone?

Sex, Hormones and Identity

Amidst the blather and bluster of gender politics too little has been said about very real biological determinants.