Asperger's Awareness for Assistance Professions

Would you be able to recognize the difference between autistic behavior and the symptoms of abuse? The future of a child could depend on it.

Curing vs. Accepting: Does A Child Have To Be "Normal" To Be Happy Or Successful?

Parents of children with autism can put great pressure on themselves to "fix" their children. How do you find the balance between helping the child function, and accepting their limitations?

Autism and Law Enforcement: A Plea for Understanding

The deficits caused by autism can set the stage for terrible misunderstandings with law enforcement. How can we prevent these unfortunate situations before they happen?
Empathy, Mindblindness, and Theory of Mind

Empathy, Mindblindness, and Theory of Mind

In a 2001 research paper, Simon Baron-Cohen describes Theory of Mind as "...being able to infer the full range of mental states (beliefs, desires, intentions, imagination, emotions, etc.) that cause action. In brief, having a theory of mind is to be able to reflect on the contents of one's own and other's minds."  For many of those with autism or Asperger's, mindblindness, or lack of Theory of Mind creates major barriers to communication and closeness.  These barriers often lead to those nearest to the individual feel, whether real or perceived, a lack of empathy from the individual.  But is that really the case?

Autistic Aloneness: When Coping Mechanisms Go Bad

Navigating in the "normal" world, for a person with Asperger's, can be difficult, if not downright painful.  The most difficult area for me to handle, personally, is rejection.  While some people with autism or Asperger's report a reduced desire for human attachment, the reality for many of us is to want it very much, but struggle to achieve it. 

Art and Neurodiversity: When Is Art Just Art?

Should any type of diagnosis, psychological or neurological, come into play when looking at art, or is art just art?

The Power of Presupposition

Presuppositions. We all know what they are -- but what part do they play in our interactions? 

On The Importance of Teachers

When it comes to autism or Asperger's Syndrome our society tends to focus on what a person can't do, not what they can.  HBO's recent documentary Autism: The Musical, follows a mother's quest to challenge those pre-suppositions.

What Does It Mean To Have Asperger Syndrome?

So, overall, what does it mean to have Asperger’s? How does it affect how a person interacts with the world? What are the challenges?

Does TV Have To Be Mean To Be Seen?

Caustic comments, humiliating putdowns, callous behavior.  Lately, mainstream media seems to depict the worst in human nature. 

Neurological Disorder or Natural Diversity?

Many of us on the autism spectrum have come to realize that our disabilities often come with a compensating ability.