In 2008, Matt Harding brought us a world dance event called "Where the Hell is Matt?" Fast forward to 2012 and Harding's sequel is impossibly even more compelling, including clips from North Korea, Iraq, and Syria.

As I wrote back in 2008 about Harding's first film, dance is part of the spectrum of healing arts and creative arts therapies that continue to extend our knowledge about how the arts improve wellness, particularly from a neuroscience and body-mind perspective. While research continues to support its benefits, it’s our primal response to move to rhythm and music that is at the heart of dance as a source for well being. But Matt Harding once again communicates a larger message—that dance is a communal experience that helps us find joy in the simplicity of moving together in the moment and reminds us to, above all, take care of each other.

Be well and enjoy,

Cathy Malchiodi, PhD

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