Learning to Look

Over the past few years, there has been a flourishing of programs where professional training institutions (ranging from medical schools to police academies) hone students' observational skills by having them look at art.  

Obama and Irony

Satirical images challenge us to engage with the truths and falsehoods in an often confrontational way. What does it take in a mind/brain to make sense of such images? Why do so many viewers, even those from roughly the same political perspective, interpret this New Yorker cover in very different ways.

Art, Mind, and Missoula

I'm writing this from a town I've never been in before. And I decided that an account of my thought process in my first hour here in Missoula, Montana is as good a way as any to introduce myself and what I will be writing about in this blog on art, media and the mind. Why? I want to suggest that we think about art more often than we might think.