How many of you have heard of The Law of Attraction? If you know anything about me, you know that I live my life by this. In today's economic struggles, we are witnessing businesses, business owners, executives and other corporate employees losing their jobs or taking significant pay cuts. Sure, this is all disparaging, but when times get tough, we need to be observant in all areas of our life. No matter what the challenge is and no matter how difficult it may be, there is always a lesson to be learned. Sometimes our unanswered prayers are our biggest gifts.

In life, we will experience difficulties. When we mature, life takes on many roles and many may fall into the "life trap". We were all born with a positive state of consciousness. Your daily goal is to maintain that positive state all day long. Usually when we are in a negative state, it is an indication that we must seek new direction. Doesn't it make sense?

Are you authentically happy in your life right now, as you read this? If not, what is the one thing or behavior you want to change? Is it your constant complaining, nagging, seeing the negative in everything and everyone? Do you recognize this trait in you? If so, wouldn't you agree that it is time to turn that around?

If you are an employer or employed, the routine can get quite mundane. Am I correct? You wake up, do your morning routine, sit in traffic, get to work, deal with the staff or co-workers, skip out on lunch, work late, return home, deal with kids/husband/wife then do it all again the next day. Sounds exhausting and un-enjoyable, right? Of course, because what is missing in this scenario? YOU! You don't take care of YOU. You are not factored into your day, my friend. In order for us to have true balance in our personal and professional lives, we must take care of ourselves, otherwise we are no good to anyone and are just running on fumes. But, you know you cannot quit your job and family. So what is the alternative?

CHANGE YOUR THINKING and CHANGE YOUR REACTIONS to the people, places and things that occupy your thoughts! We give permission to certain events that leave us frustrated and annoyed. But, who is that really hurting? You, right? Let's use this scenario; you are driving onto an on ramp and at the last minute, someone changes his or her mind to jump in front of you. What would your initial reaction be? You would be frustrated, sending them not-so-friendly sign language, and a bit angry in fact. But, have you ever recognized what that does to you? Look back on an event like that. Can you go back to how you felt at that very moment? Were you yelling at the person? Probably. And, how did that make you feel? What did you really get out of that? Nothing! You were all worked up for no reason.

What I am getting at here is how we can sabotage our own happiness and success. What is self-sabotage?

How does one become unaffected by the surrounding elements that consume us every day? You must make a shift in your thinking.


Lisa Nichols from The Secret and Oprah and I once spoke at her workshop for At-Risk Youth in San Diego, CA. I had the great honor to meet Lisa and experience the power of her program. It went like this - she had people sit face to face with knees touching. One partner was to ask the other, "Who Are You?" This question led to the other to reply "I AM". This can be very difficult and challenging. Many people are not aware who they are.

So, I ask you....who are you? A mother; a daughter; a lover; a friend; a creator; an artist; a teacher; a yogi? Who are you?

Write it all down:

Embrace YOU for what and who you are. If you are not happy with aspects of your life, then make the changes. Otherwise, just accept and love yourself. It is amazing how you can surrender to your own stuff and ultimately think more clearly.

Move forward in life. It is a new year and a new you is wanting out!

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Tanya Brown

Tanya Brown encourages people to recognize and acknowledge personal struggles and to avoid overload and/or a mental breakdown.

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