Money. Just mentioning the word is enough to spark intense emotion. For some, money brings feelings of anxiety or dread, for others, anger and deprivation, for others still, excitement, pleasure, and hope.

Recent posts on this blog have looked at the topic of money and the impact of matters financial in diverse arenas including, parenting, the teenaged brain, and the therapist's consulting room.

Wondering about whether your kids can handle their finances? You are not alone.  "Parents should talk to their children about this pressing and difficult issue--and sooner, rather than later," advises Mardee Alvaro, Managing Editor of a popular financial website. She offers tips on just how to do that in her recent post in Apologies to Freud, Straight Talk with Kids about Money.

Parent of a teen? If you can get onto the computer (a quick shove of the elbow works wonders), you might be curious about whether females and males approach spending and saving differently. Alvaro has much to say on this topic, as well, and her recent post on this blog,  Teens and Money: do gender stereotyples influence spending habits?, might surprise you.  

Money is a critical issue for therapists, too--in practice and in day to day living.  Some clinicians are now speaking openly about this topic. In Money Talks: in therapy, society, and life, a number of esteemed professionals have come forward to discuss their feelings on issues such as charging fees, earning a living, taking lowered fees in the training situation, and dealing with parents who are paying for a child's sessions, to name a few: Money Talks: in Therapy, Society, and Life (Routledge,2011).

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Stephanie Newman, Ph.D.

Stephanie Newman, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, as well as the author of Mad Men on the Couch.

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