Why Volunteering at School is Good for Your Mental Health

Here are the real reasons why volunteers are lining up outside the local schoolhouse.

Kids and Their Phones: A Dangerous Mix

Kids who talked on a cell phone while crossing the street were 43% more likely to come in contact with moving vehicles.

Fifty Shades of Don Draper

Sex takes a dark turn on the AMC TV show, Mad Men.

An Open Letter to Mad Men's Donald Draper

Don Draper is the poster child for psychoanalysis. Too bad he won't see a shrink.

Is Technology Ruining Our Lives?

The incursion of technology into our homes means less down time. Smart phones and Blackberries rip into relationships and thwart leisure pursuits. And work/life balance seems to be a thing of the past.

ADHD: Not Just For Kids Anymore

Do you have difficulty concentrating? Is it impossible for you to stay on task? You might have Adult ADHD. Read more to find out.

Strategies To End Cyberbullying

Want to beat a cyber bully at his or her own game? Here's how.

Stopping the Cyber Bully

Tools and strategies for stopping cyber-bullies in their tracks.

Parenting: When Things Go Wrong

Parenting is challenging enough. So what happens when things go awry with the difficult to soothe child?

Who's in Charge: Your Child's Emotional Upheavals and Upsets

Parenting is never easy. Some tips for handling what a difficult-to-soothe child throws your way.

Why Married Men Cheat

Why do rich and powerful men cheat? Here are some reasons why.

Psychologists Join the Pop Culture Conversation

For Mad Men fans: finally an answer to the question, "What's behind Don's drapes?"

Why Women Want Married Men

Mate poaching is here to stay.

Should Your Therapist Tweet?

It is sometimes difficult for psychotherapists who use social media channels to navigate the tension between professional and personal personas. Here are a few suggested guidelines.

Teens And Technology

Internet predators, social media, and the availability 24/7 of on-line connections may all pose risks to sometimes naive and impulsive teens. But the greatest threat? The teens themselves. Many don't know where to draw the line with technology.

Mad Men Withdrawal

Imagine Don Draper on a psychoanalysts's couch. I have. And I admit: I'd like to poke around inside of that bry-creamed head.

How Do First Responders to Unspeakable Tragedies Cope?

The effects of the tragic Boston Marathon explosions and the Newtown school shootings will be with us for years to come.

The Mind of a Mass Murderer

How can we understand the senseless shooting spree at the Colorado movie theatre?

Mothers and Daughters: Stepmothers and Mother Nature

Spoilers! Don't read on unless you have watched this week’s Episode of Mad Men (512 “Commissions and Fees”), in which all eyes are on Lane Pryce. His desperate act—hanging himself in his office after Don Draper demands his immediate resignation following the discovery of a forged check—represents a dark turn for the show.

Pop Culture Gets Philosophical

So, Matthew Weiner is asking all the big questions: are we nothing but a consumer society, morally bankrupt, spiritually empty, valuing money and acquisitions over relationship? Does groupthink always cause a mass of people to devolve until they are acting in the basest possible way?

Are We Still A Madonna/Whore Society?

Most women in the early to mid 1960s were treated as second class citizens. They were relegated to “female” jobs like teacher, nurse, or secretary. Are things any different today?

What's Your Psychological Diagnosis?

To find out which Mad Men character you most psychologically resemble, take a brief quiz.

Why Isn't Mad Men's Don Draper Sleeping Around Anymore?

Sure Don abstains from extramarital affairs—for now.

Is the Evil in Don Draper's Head—Or Beneath His Bed?

So let’s cut to the chase: is Don Draper a murderer?

Mad Men's Don Draper: Just a Motherless Little Boy

Present day Mad Men viewers don’t need “Tea Leaves” (the title of Sunday night’s episode) to predict the rude incursion of race riots, political assassinations, and bra burnings that are on the horizon for Don and Megan Draper and Henry and Betty Frances. But the characters have no idea that such game-changers lie in wait.

Mad Men: Why Don Draper Doesn't Look So Mad Anymore

The premier of Mad Men's 5th season has finally come and gone. So here's what we know...

Why Is Mad Men's Betty Draper Frances Such a Cold Mother?

Betty appears to be a cold and neglectful mother—especially by the standards of today's hyper-involved parents.