Feeling No Pain in America

Emotions are meant to be felt and expressed, not viewed as signs of disease.

Anxiety is a Mindfulness Problem

Awareness is everything to anxiety. The solution isn’t identifying why you’re anxious—but recognizing the signs of anxiety before nervousness, panic and rapid breathing hijack your emotional wellness.

Forget Co-Parenting with a Narcissist, and Do This Instead

While co-parenting with a narcissist is nearly impossible, these strategies can help you and your child(ren) thrive when drama and emotional intensity threaten to derail your mental health.

The Top Two Words for Overcoming Anxiety

Think you don't need to change your mind? Think again. Studies show you can train your brain to be calmer with just two words.

Reversing the Psychology of Competition

How to beat yourself at your own (mind) game. Entrepreneur extraordinaire Gary Vaynerchuk shares one amazing psychological hack for dealing with the competition.

America’s Affluent Teen Crisis

Before crying, "Poor little rich kid," ask yourself if you're contributing to Generation Stressed...

Taking Control of Panic Attacks

As scary as panic attacks are, your track record for successfully overcoming them is 100%.

Holiday Stress: Dealing with Family Drama and Dysfunction

Surefire tips for defeating difficult family dynamics.

Ten Positive Psychology Practices for Boosting Happiness

We're wired to connect. Positive Psychology gets that!

22 Calming Quotes for People with Anxiety

22 reasons to reframe your reactions to stress.

The Real Reason We Allow Domestic Violence

With one punch Ray Rice opened the door of domestic violence. Will we focus on the right solution?

The Bullying Lesson Every Educator Needs to Learn

The ignored piece of the bullying puzzle that perpetuates anxiety, depression and the victimization of our most vulnerable youth.

16 Dating Lessons for Single Women

There's a reason why you're single. Use this "me" time to your advantage.

When You're Addicted to Dysfunctional Relationships

Why bringing the dramatic White Elephant into the therapy room makes good relationship sense.

The Art of Calm

Create calmness with slow, controlled and conscious awareness to your body, your breathing, your relationships, and your environment.

11 Reasons Unhappy Couples Don't Break Up

When anger is used to hold your partner hostage.

22 Quick Tips to Change Your Anxiety Forever

Lifestyle and emotional well-being tips to help you feel calm and happy.

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How to make the most out of therapy.

How to Get From Anxiety to Zen

Getting on the other side of stressed out.

Why I Swear in Therapy

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Why You Can't Force Your Mom into Therapy

When your mom needs therapy.

The Ultimate Relationship Killer

Learn the real meaning behind "when push comes to shove."

Welcome to Xanax Nation: 46 Million Were Here

More and more adults are choosing Xanax and other anti-anxiety medications to manage anxiety and stress. The problem is the problems are not going away. Learn four actionable steps that promote psychological insight, mindfulness, setting limits, and most importantly—long-term strategies for managing anxiety so it doesn't manage you.