Having Your Dog and Eating It Too?

Why is dog flesh considered yucky in some cultures and yummy in others?

Are We Really A Nation of Animal Lovers?

Americans are gaga over pets. But we spend 100 times more money killing animals than saving them. Here's why....

Pets, Chickens, and Gay Rights: Tracking Social Change With Google's "Ngram Viewer"

Google's new Ngram Viewer will turn you into a cultural anthropologist. Here's what it reveals about the importance of gay rights, chickens, and animal liberation.

"Professor, Does My Dog Know I'm Blind?"

I told five million insomniacs, conspiracy theorists, and space alien abductees that guide dogs know that their owner can't see? Was I wrong? 
Eating Disorders: The Dark Side of Vegetarianism?

Eating Disorders: The Dark Side of Vegetarianism?

The case against eating animals is strong on moral, environmental, and health grounds. But a woman named Staci Giani convinced me that there is a little known dark side to vegetarianism.

Cat-Eating Coyotes Are a Bird’s Best Friend

My initial thought was that having a coyote in the woods behind my house was pretty cool. (Well, maybe not as exciting when a black bear ran through the back yard during our twins' eleventh birthday party, but close.)

True Fact: Dog-Walking Helps Dogs But Harms Birds

 The good news is that regular walking on a leash can prevent shelter dogs from being euthanized. The bad news is that even leashed dogs make wild birds permanently flee their homes.

Playing Dead As A Defense Against Angry Bears And Rapists

The evolutionary connection between our reactions to being attacked by a grizzly bear and by a sexual predator has important implications for both the law and clinical psychology.

Road Kill and The New Science of Human-Animal Relationships

What the study of road kill says about human nature.

What Do Irish Setters and Girls Named "Jennifer" Tell Us About the Causes of Social Change?

Did dumb luck cause explosions in the numbers of girls named Jennifer and Irish Setter puppies in the United States.

Is Pet-Love Caused By A Virus of the Mind?

Is love of pets caused by a metaphorical brain worm?
Photo used by permission of Jeanne Shirley

Are Humans the Only Animals That Keep Pets?

I recently scoured academic journals and consulted a host of animal behaviorists for examples of pet-keeping in other species. I only found one.