Monkey See, Monkey Smile

Researchers find a non-ape species demonstrates rapid facial mimicry, a phenomenon linked with empathy and social understanding.

Jays Know What a Girl (Jay) Wants

Eurasian jays pass a test of theory of mind, showing they understand that other birds have different desires and beliefs. Based on what they'd observed, male jays knew what food their mates would want.

For Moles, Two Nostrils Are Better Than One

Moles may not be able to see well, but they make up for it with a nose that can smell in stereo.

Saga of the Sea Turtle Part II: The Epic Migration

Loggerhead sea turtles are born equipped with an internal compass and map to find their way across thousands of miles of ocean. What's behind these expert navigators' sophisticated sense of direction?

Saga of the Sea Turtle, Part I: From Beach to Open Ocean

Loggerhead sea turtles are master navigators, covering thousands of miles of open ocean during their lifetimes. But it all begins with a scramble to the sea immediately after hatching. Newborn turtles must find the ocean and set a bearing to the open sea. This perilous journey, upon which their life depends, requires several sophisticated sensory systems.

What Is It Like to Be an Octopus?

Eight arms, a soft body, excellent vision - and a huge brain - make octopuses unique in the animal kingdom. Meet a scientist who is trying to decipher the behavior of these fundamentally alien creatures by testing them on their own terms.

Who Are You Calling a Birdbrain?

African Grey Parrots are the only non-primates to pass an abstract inferential reasoning task.

Bats Eavesdrop on Frisky Flies

Getting caught in the act can have lethal consequences for frisky flies in bat territory.

Whiskers Seal the Deal

It's easy to overlook a seal's whiskers when faced with those puppy—dog eyes and smiling snout. But it's those vibration—sensitive whiskers that are the secret weapon in the seal's tracking arsenal, helping them to find and chase prey that they can't see or hear.

Dr. Dog: Medicine's Best Friend

Does your dog know you're sick before your doctor?

Heat-Seeking Vampires

The common vampire bat has a few sensory tricks up its sleeve, including receptors on its face that detect the heat emitted by warm-blooded animals.

Virtual Ants Reveal Frog's App-titude for Hunting

A video of a frog playing a smartphone game demonstrates the efficiency of the amphibian visual system.

What Is It Like to Be a Bat?

What is it like to be a bat? Or any kind of animal? Join Mary Bates, Ph.D., on a journey into the incredible sensory experiences of animals.