Wild Chimpanzee Moms Teach Youngsters to Use Tools: A First

Videos show mothers transferring termite-fishing probes to youngsters to teach them to use these tools to gather food. All criteria for calling it "teaching" are fulfilled.

Theory of Mind and Play: Ape Exceptionalism Is Too Narrow

A narrow focus on great apes exclusively or nearly exclusively having a ToM excludes possibilities in other animals. Here I offer that social play is a good place to look for ToM.

Hunting for Fun on National Refuges is Just Fine, Says USFWS

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) has redefined the word "refuge." Hunting and fishing will now be allowed on 13 refuges where animals are supposed to feel safe.

Research Shows How Animals Decide to Escape From Predators

A recent book summarizes much of what we know from comparative empirical research about the decisions a wide variety of animals make to avoid becoming a meal for predators.

World Animal Day 2016: Let's Celebrate Animals Every Day

Growing interest in World Animal Day is wonderful news for other animals but there’s still a lot of work to be done. If you can do something for other animals you must.

Murderous Humans Are Not "Acting Like Animals"

An essay called "The phylogenetic roots of human lethal violence" has attracted a lot of global media attention. But, we shouldn't blame our murderous tendencies on other animals.

Matthieu Ricard's "A Plea for the Animals" Is a Must Read

Matthieu Ricard's new book is one of the best in asking us to respect other animals and treat them with compassion. It is a game changer. It is indeed too late to be pessimistic.

The Animal Welfare Act Claims Rats and Mice Are Not Animals

As the 50th anniversary of the Animal Welfare Act is celebrated let's restore rodents to the animal kingdom. Studies also show bad welfare is bad for animals and bad for science.

The Psychology of Killing Wolves, Cats, and other Animals

There are many unrelenting wars on a wide variety of animals. Often people who go out and kill animals say they actually love them. We need more psychological studies in this area.

Bonobo Females Form Tight Alliances and Use French Ticklers

A new study shows bonobo females form tight cross-generational groups. In addition to practicing all forms of sex and dominating males, bonobo sisterhood is a hot research topic.

Cats and Humans: There's No Need For War

Alley Cat Allies president Becky Robinson discusses why removing all free-ranging cats "by any means necessary," as suggested in "Cat Wars," is neither necessary nor humane.

"Cat Wars" Calls For Killing Free-Ranging Cats

In a new book called "Cat Wars" the authors conclude, "the most desirable solution seems clear -- remove all free-ranging cats from the landscape by any means necessary."

Dogs and Humans Process Sounds Similarly

A new study using fMRI shows dogs and humans process sounds similarly. However, it's still not clear why dogs have evolved the ability to differentiate praise and neutral words.

Bird Brain: An Exploration of Avian Intelligence

Dr. Nathan Emery's new book "Bird Brain: An Exploration of Avian Intelligence" is a gold mine of information and surprises about the latest research on bird smarts.

Psychological and Environmental Aspects of Who We Eat

"Meat Climate Change: The 2nd Leading Cause of Global Warming" highlights the incredible damage agricultural practices do to our planet and psyches and offers viable solutions.

Defenders of Wildlife Supports Killing Wolves: Livestock Win

This shocking decision presents many challenges to conservation psychologists, anthrozoologists, and those interested in compassionate conservation.

Frigatebirds Sleep While Flying: Somnambulism Gone Wild

No friggin' kidding, frigatebirds can fly for weeks on end by power napping in ten-second bursts with only one side of their brain.

Chimpanzees Choose to Cooperate Rather Than to Compete

Comparative research continues to show humans aren't unique in displaying cooperative behavior. Nonhuman primates, other mammals, along with birds and fishes, show cooperation.

Some Dogs Prefer Praise and a Belly Rub Over Treats

New neuroimaging and behavioral research show some dogs prefer praise to treats as a reward. Saying "good dog" and rubbing a belly are great ideas for training/teaching dogs.

Valuing Dogs More Than War Victims: Bridging the Empathy Gap

In a recent essay Nicholas Kristof writes, "If only, I thought, we valued kids in Aleppo as much as we did our terriers." Why do we offer more empathy to dogs than to some humans?

Killer Whales Trained as Performers Suffer Psychologically

A new essay called "Orca Behavior and Subsequent Aggression Associated with Oceanarium Confinement" shows how being trained to perform results in heightened aggression.

Pets on the Couch: Do Animals Need Freud and Pfizer?

Animal psychiatry is a rapidly growing field and Dr. Nicholas Dodman's new book called Pets on the Couch is a must read for all who choose to share their home with another animal.

Doomsday for Dogs? Are Declines in Fertility Due to Food?

Males of five purebred dogs are showing declines in sperm motility. Are dogs "canaries in the coal mine" indicating serious environmental effects on food and reproduction?

The Emotional Lives of Chimeras: Challenges to Anthrozoology

Plans to lift the ban on animal-human chimera research by the National Institutes of Health is a bad idea that raises numerous ethical issues that challenge anthrozoology.

The 100 Most Pet-Friendly Cities in the United States

A recent comprehensive study is a must read for all who choose to share their home with another animal. I'm sure you'll be as surprised as I was about some of the results.

Labeling Non-Native Animals: The Psychology of Name Calling

The ways we refer to other animals influence how we treat them. Recent assaults on non-natives, often called invasive, can have dire consequences for the animals and ecosystems.

The Neurobiology of Musicality in Animals: We're Not Unique

Ronan the sea lion can keep the beat better than any other animal, a study published in Frontiers in Neuroscience found. Humans are not the only beat-keepers.

Humpback Whales Rescue Animals From Orcas Around the World

Why do humpback whales rescue other animals from killer whale attacks? It's not clear but these fascinating observations show how much there is to learn about animal behavior.

Rocky, an Orangutan, Mimics Human Vocalizations: A First

We're not unique in the ability to match the frequency, pitch, tone, and duration of sounds. Rocky, a female orangutan, was able to match "wookies" with a human.

The Secret Life of Pets: A Worthy Portrayal of Them and Us

An essay about a very popular movie and the hundreds of comments it generated raise numerous issues about our choices to share our homes with other animals.