Dog Smarts: If We Were Smarter We'd Understand Them Better

Studies of dog behavior, dog-human interactions, and dog intelligence are burgeoning. Despite attempts to talk about "the dog," significant variability is the name of the game.

The World According to Intelligent and Emotional Chickens

A new review article by Dr. Lori Marino called "Thinking chickens" clearly shows these birds are as cognitively, emotionally, and socially complex as many mammals, including dogs.

"If Dogs Truly Were Human They Would Be Jerks"

Myths about dogs often become interpreted as truths. They're not. So-called truths, that counter facts, continue to misinform and mislead naive readers. Surely we can do better.

Training Dogs: Food is Fine and Your Dog Will Still Love You

Using food to train dogs doesn't mean your dog is using you and doesn't really love you, so it's time to get over it. The dichotomy of food versus true love is ridiculous.

Doctor Dolittle: Animal Minds, Animal Rights, and Much More

Hugh Lofting's book is a gold mine of information on human-animal relationships, animal cognition and emotions, and predictor of genetic engineering, animal jurors, and much more.

Well-Endowed Males Lead to Big-Brained Female Fishes

Sexual behavior may play a role in brain evolution.

Dogs, Dominance, Breeding, and Legislation: A Mixed Bag

Dogs display dominance, as do other animals, but we should not dominate dogs when working with them. Dogs are receiving more legal protection but much more needs to be done.

Veterans For Wildlife: Helping Wildlife, Empowering Veterans

This African organization aims to stop wildlife crime and empower veterans. Their work is highly relevant to conservation psychology, anthrozoology, and animal-assisted therapy.

Inmates, Animals, and Art: Creative Expressions of Hope

In my Roots & Shoots class at the Boulder County Jail students do amazing artwork that are expressions of trust, hope, and their connections to animals and other nature.

The Nonhuman Rights Project: An Interview with Steven Wise

The Nonhuman Rights Project is the only U. S. civil rights organization working to achieve legal rights for members of other species. Animals are not "things" to be abused.

My Basket of Hope I: BeaRtrice, Oscar, and Asian Moon Bears

We are living in an epoch I call "the rage of inhumanity. Thinking about the plight and recovery of bile bears in China adds to my "basket of hope" for future generations.

Raising a Wild Child: A New Film From the Born Wild Project

A new film by an "estrogen powerhouse" shows that free time in nature teaches youngsters independence, physical coordination, problem solving, and important social and play skills.

Lab Rat's Pinker and Relaxed Ears Tell Us They're Feeling OK

New research shows there are facial indicators of positive emotions in rats. We are obliged to pay attention to these signs and use them on an individual's behalf.

Do Dogs Really Bite Someone for "No Reason at All"? Take Two

A comment on an essay made me think about why dogs do what they they do. The writer claimed a dog bit her humans and perhaps Cesar Millan for "no reason at all." I disagree.

Older Dogs: Giving Elder Canines Lots of Love and Good Lives

Photographer Jane Klonsky's new book called "Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love," with its deeply moving stories and beautiful photos, is an inspirational and essential read.

Dogs Remember More Than You Think

A new study shows dogs display episodic memory and remember far more than we give them credit for. While many people already "knew" this, it's nice to have the science back us up.

White House Turkey Pardon Confuses President: Humane-Washing

The traditional White House pardon of a single turkey and Temple Grandin's "stairway to heaven" on which food cows stumble at the end of their lives are confusing feel good scams.

Stairways to Heaven, Temples of Doom, and Humane-Washing

Around Thanksgiving it seems as if people do more soul-searching about who they eat because advertisements show that many millions of birds, pigs, and cows die for our meal plans.

Chimpanzees Get by With a Little Help From Their Friends

The Beatles claimed we get by with a little help from our friends, and recent research on wild chimpanzees shows this is so. Friends and family help to reduce social stress.

In Ralph Nader's New Book, Animals Speak for Themselves

In Ralph Nader's new book animals hold "The Great Talkout" and tell us what they want and need. In an interview with Mr. Nader he tells us about "Animal Envy" and much more.

Journey: The True Story of the Most Famous Wolf in the West

A new children's book about wolf OR7's 2000 mile trek is a must read for all. In it we read about a young girl's efforts help make OR7 “too famous to kill" and she was successful.

Videos of Kids Going Face-to-face With Dogs Set Bad Examples

Videos of kids going face-to-face with dogs are cute but set bad examples of what could turn out to be bad news for the youngsters, their families, and of course the dog.

Happy Bees: Bumblebees Show Dopamine-Based Positive Emotions

After eating a sugary treat, bumblebees displayed optimistic behavior. When dopamine was blocked, data suggest bees experienced a change in mood, not just increased energy.

Farm to Fable: Examining the Culture of Animal Consumption

In his book "Farm to Fable' Robert Grillo critically examines why the culture of eating other animals and animal products exists despite the availability of numerous alternatives.

Lab Chimpanzees Headed to Sanctuary Despite Lobbying Efforts

A disturbing dispute is brewing over the retirement of laboratory chimpanzees to Chimp Haven because of resistance by the National Association for Biomedical Research.

For the Love of a Ball: Dogs as Conservation Biologists

Dogs have been a great benefit for helping conservation biologists and they enjoy the work. Here is an fascinating interview with Pete Coppolillo of Working Dogs for Conservation.

Homo Denialus: Mice Aren't Animals, Climate Change Is Real

How can we easily deny anything we choose to oppose? Some who claim climate change is real deny the fact that mice and rats are animals.

Secret Service Dogs: How Their Work Is Vital to Our Safety

A new book called "Secret Service Dogs: The Heroes Who Protect the President of the United States" explains how these hidden heroes serve to protect presidents and us.

"State of the Animals 2016": An Interview With Ralph Nader

In a radio interview Ralph Nader and I had an informed discussion about the cognitive and emotional lives of nonhuman animals and how we use them in various human-centered venues.

Voracious Science: A Journey from Animal User to Advocate

Dr. John Gluck's new book called "Voracious Science" details his courageous and deeply personal ethical transformation from animal researcher to animal protector.