Why People Buy Dogs Who They Know Will Suffer and Die Young

A study of French Bulldogs, Chihuahuas, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and Cairn Terriers highlights why people choose to buy dogs who they know will have short, miserable lives.

Dolphins Who Hang With Mates Display a Positive Spin on Life

Dolphins who swim together display positive emotions and seem to be more optimistic than those who don't. This cognitive bias lasts for around two months.

Giving a Blind or Sight-Impaired Dog the Best Life Possible

A book called "My dog is blind - but lives life to the full!" is a wonderful practical guide for people who want to give a dog with limited sight a full and enriched life.

Dogs: Love, Rejection, Dominance, Training, and Breeding

Dogs are in the news a lot and here's a summary of what's "hot." Dogs fall in love and suffer from rejection, dominance should not be used in training, and they're awfully smart.

Minding Animals: Expanding Views of Human-Animal Studies

Minding Animals International offers cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary perspectives on human-animal studies and the nature of human-animal bonds in many different venues.

Murder, She Didn't Write: Why Can Only Humans be Murdered?

It's time to change the language we use when writing about killing other animals. Killing animals to manage or to collect them as trophies should rightly be called murder.

Pet Loss and the Human-Animal Bond

An interview with the founder of the Pet Loss Education Project, Adam Clark, who specializes in coping with the grief of losing a companion animal.

"Gosh, My Dog is Just Like Me": Shared Neuroticism

A new study shows that dogs mirror human personalities more than humans mirror dog personalities and that pessimism and anxiety are shared traits.

Humans and Animals: Global Problems and Humane Solutions

A new book called "Humans and Animals" stresses that animals are not just beings "out there." Rather, they are embedded in our existence at every scale and in every environment.

Censored: Animal Welfare and Animal Abuse Data Taken Offline

In an unprecedented and reprehensible move toward censorship, animal welfare reports and animal abuse data have been wiped from the USDA website.

Sex, Beauty, and Climate Change: Flycatchers are Less Flashy

Climate change is reeking havoc on the behavior and reproduction of numerous animals. A long-term study of male flycatchers shows warmer temperatures make them less attractive.

Research on Captive Animals Produces Misleading Results

A new analysis of data on captive zebra finches shows clearly how stress can give a biased and limited view of how these and other birds actually live in the wild.

Who Needs Males? Female Shark Leonie Makes Babies On Her Own

A recent study reported a female shark switching from sexual to asexual reproduction and making babies on her own. This is rarer than going from asexual to sexual reproduction.

Domestic Dogs: A New Book Beautifully Covers All Things Dog

James Serpell's edited book called "The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behavior and Interactions with People" is an up-to-date and comprehensive summary of all matters of dogs.

Social Learning: Eyes Provide a Window Into Primate Minds

Captive gorillas and chimpanzees demonstrate social learning similar to humans. Using cutting-edge eye tracking technology, we can now use primate eyes to see into primate minds.

Empathy Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Animal Rescuers

A very valuable essay by Kasia Galazka called "How Animal Rescuers Are Burning Out Their Empathy" is a must read for people working with animals in need and those who don't.

Mums, Babies, and Their Brains: Why They Take Sides

A new study provides a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of brain lateralization and the role it plays in influencing social encounters between mothers and their infants.

Dog Training's Dirty Little Secret: Anyone Can Legally Do It

"In the United States anyone can work as a dog trainer, regardless of the person’s qualifications." The Academy of Dog Trainers has called for transparency and regulation.

Killing Healthy Animals in Zoos: "Zoothanasia" is a Reality

The poster corpse for killing healthy zoo animals is Marius, a young giraffe slaughtered at the Copenhagen Zoo. A recent essay on this topic in The New Yorker is an excellent read.

Dogs, Mirrors, and Purple Fuzz: Did Honey Know That's Honey?

We must be very careful when claiming some animals don't have a sense of self. The standard way to study self-recognition in animals, the mirror test, is too narrow an approach.

Anthrozoology: Embracing Co-existence in the Anthropocene

A book by Michael Tobias and Jane Morrison stresses the need for universal coherence. While it may make readers uneasy, we must face what we're doing in the rage of inhumanity.

Rituals and Practices Surrounding Animal Death

An interview with Margo DeMello, editor of the recent book Mourning Animals, highlights various rituals that occur when an animal dies and notes that very few animals are grieved.

A Dog Named Gucci: "Justice Is a Dog's Best Friend"

A Dog Named Gucci is a film that inspires hope. It's about dogs who were severely abused, the amazing humans who worked tirelessly to change laws about abuse, and their successes.

Dog Smarts: If We Were Smarter We'd Understand Them Better

Studies of dog behavior, dog-human interactions, and dog intelligence are burgeoning. Despite attempts to talk about "the dog," significant variability is the name of the game.

The World According to Intelligent and Emotional Chickens

A new review article by Dr. Lori Marino called "Thinking chickens" clearly shows these birds are as cognitively, emotionally, and socially complex as many mammals, including dogs.

"If Dogs Truly Were Human They Would Be Jerks"

Myths about dogs often become interpreted as truths. They're not. So-called truths, that counter facts, continue to misinform and mislead naive readers. Surely we can do better.

Training Dogs: Food is Fine and Your Dog Will Still Love You

Using food to train dogs doesn't mean your dog is using you and doesn't really love you, so it's time to get over it. The dichotomy of food versus true love is ridiculous.

Doctor Dolittle: Animal Minds, Animal Rights, and Much More

Hugh Lofting's book is a gold mine of information on human-animal relationships, animal cognition and emotions, and predictor of genetic engineering, animal jurors, and much more.

Well-Endowed Males Lead to Big-Brained Female Fishes

Sexual behavior may play a role in brain evolution.

Dogs, Dominance, Breeding, and Legislation: A Mixed Bag

Dogs display dominance, as do other animals, but we should not dominate dogs when working with them. Dogs are receiving more legal protection but much more needs to be done.