The Sentience Mosaic: A Wonderful New Resource

The Sentience Mosaic is a unique and interactive platform dedicated to the science of animal sentience. It is a much-needed, most-welcomed, incredibly ambitious, vibrant, and precedent setting resource that deserves close attention.

Whacking Wolves Washington Style

Six members of a wolf pack were horrifically and violently slaughtered by Washington's Department of Fish & Wildlife because they were "believed" to have killed some cows and calves. You read it right, "believed" to have done this.

How Animals See the World: An Infographic

This beautifully illustrated infographic is a wonderful introduction to the visual worlds of other animals.

Grief By a Mother Whale and Coyote Pup Survival

These videos capture events in the wild rarely observed—grief by a cetacean and the survival of coyote pups after their parents were killed.

Baby Panda Dies at National Zoo, Mother Grieves

One-week old panda dies of undetermined causes as mother cries out in distress.

Pandas: Do We Really Need Another Cute "Ambassador"?

A panda recently born at the National Zoo will remain captive for life. I'd like to see more open discussion about what events such as this really mean for the newborn and for her/his species. Babies are good for raising money, at least for a while, but sooner or later when they lose their charm they're often moved here and there to breed. Is this a good life?

Dogs: Their Last Walk at the End of Their Lives

"The Last Walk" is a most wonderful and thoughtful book about our companion animals at the end of their lives. It is one of the best, if not the best book, ever written about this difficult subject. Bring out the tissues.

Most Animals in Zoos Are Happy: Really?

"Most animals in zoos are happy" claims a zoo advocate. A short debate about the pros and cons of zoos is well-worth watching.

Birds Tweet About the Dead But Do they Know What They're Doing?

Scrub jays apparently scream to attract other jays to corpses to warn of danger. But do they really hold funeral services? Based on what we know about other animals it's likely they do.

Animals Don't Laugh, Think, Get Depressed, or Love Declares a Psychiatrist

The essay "The Seven Things That Only Human Beings Can Do" thoroughly and irresponsibly misrepresents nonhuman animals (animals). Why do people who don't know much if anything about animals write about them as if they do?

Why Dogs Hump

There doesn't seem to be a single reason why dogs mount and hump one another, other animals, human legs, and various objects. Size doesn't seem to matter either. Mounting and humping are normal behaviors so let's not allow our own discomfort to get in the way of dogs doing what comes naturally. Let them be dogs.

What Do We Learn From a Tool-Making Genius Bonobo and Copy-Cat Orcas?

Read about a captive tool-making genius bonobo named Kanzi and captive killer whales who imitate one another. What does the behavior of captive animals tell us about their wild relatives? It's still unclear and we must remain open to the possibility that captive studies can both overestimate and underestimate the cognitive capacities of wild animals.

"Natasha Einstein" the Chimpanzee Valedictorian

Meet Natasha, the valedictorian of her class. A new look at chimpanzee intelligence shows just how smart these great apes can be and that there are ape geniuses. This research is reminiscent of Howard Gardner's studies of multiple intelligences in human apes and lays the foundation for work on animal genius and the importance of within species variation in intelligence.

Buddy the Chimpanzee Killed In Nevada Because He Wasn't Really a Pet

Wild animals do not make for good companion animals (pets) and should never be kept as if they are dogs or cats. The tragic and recent killing of Buddy, a chimpanzee who lived in a home in Nevada, clearly makes this point. There is a need for strong regulations against keeping exotic animals in homes.

Good News For Dogs, Cats, and Rabbits: L.A. May Ban Sale of Commercially Bred Animals

If an ordinance in Los Angeles is passed dogs, cats, and rabbits will have to be obtained from shelters or humane societies. There really is no reason to buy a commercially-bred animal.

Dogs: Looking At the Way We Look At Our Best Friends

Humans have implicit preferences about the physical features of dogs and these preferences can be systematically investigated. Find out what we prefer about our best friends and how these preferences differ among "animal people" and "non-animal people".

Rewilding Rhea: Good News For An Injured Osprey

This wonderful video about the rewilding of Rhea, an injured osprey, is worth countless words. Watch it and smile and know there are many people out there working on behalf of animals who need our help.

Bull___t! Having "Fun" Taunting a Bull In the Azores

This video of people intentionally taunting a bull shows that some people really are capable of egregiously mistreating other animals for "fun". Although the bull does get some revenge we must work to stop this sort bull___ by these sorts of miscreants.

Gorillas Dismantle Poacher's Traps: Compassionate Conservation of the Gorilla-kind

Gorillas learn to dismantle poacher's traps, camouflage what they've done, and as a result protect themselves and others. Good for them. They and other animals need all the help they can get to protect themselves from people who want to harm and kill them.

Gorilla Joy Without a Doubt

There's no doubt what these two gorilla brothers are feeling after being reunited and we should stop pretending we don't know.

Sharks and Humans: A Much Needed Corrective

People who have been attacked by sharks now work on their behalf. Media usually misrepresents these magnificent fish as horrific predators, and yes, they do on occasion attack humans who trespass into their homes. And so would we.

Mother Love: Dog Rescues Pups From Fire

A heartwarming story of mother love. Read about and see pictures of Amanda, a German Shepherd mix, rescuing her pups from a fire.

Saving Sentience: Homeless Animals Need All the Help They Can Get

August 18 is International Homeless Animals Day. Please help these needy beings. It's really easy to do.

Scientists Finally Conclude Nonhuman Animals Are Conscious Beings

Nonhuman animals are conscious beings. What, you ask, didn't we already know this? Of course we did, but now an international group of prestigious scientists has likewise come to this same conclusion. So now we need to use what we know to protect the millions upon millions of animals who are abused in a wide variety of contexts.

"Zoothanasia" Is Not Euthanasia: Words Matter

When zoos kill animals it's almost invariably not euthanasia, mercy-killing, but rather "zoothanasia". These "surplus" animals are killed because there are too many of them to care for and they are "unneeded". These individuals are treated as if they're mere objects and this is reprehensible and should not be tolerated.

Dogfighting Okay Says Iowa Representative Steve King

Representative King is a longtime advocate for legalizing dogfighting and cockfighting and you can do something to stop this insanity. No one can be so naive and heartless as to think that dogfighting isn't singularly abusive to dogs.

Elephants In L.A. Zoo Aren't Happy or Content, Says Judge

Judge rules that "The elephants are neither thriving, happy, nor content" at the Elephants of Asia exhibit at the Los Angeles Zoo. This is a landmark decision that shows clearly that it's not only avowed animal advocates who see how miserable the lives of entertainment animals in zoos really are.

Deaths at SeaWorld: Animals are Dying to Entertain In this S

A new book about the horrors at SeaWorld deserves wide readership and has received critical acclaim from a wide variety of reviewers. SeaWorld is really a SeaJail and should be ashamed of how they abuse amazing animals, force them to breed and perform stupid and unnatural tricks, and don't allow them to retire, all in the name of money.

Did a Female Burro Commit Suicide?

It's really not clear if animals commit suicide despite some compelling observations. A story about a female burro who killed herself by drowning after her baby died made me rethink this intriguing question.

Compassion Begets Compassion

Science shows that compassion begets compassion. As Northeastern University psychologist David DeSteno notes, "This idea is often articulated by the Dalai Lama, who argues that individual experiences of compassion radiate outward and increase harmony for all." This applies to humans, including inmates, and nonhuman animals.