Wildlife Services Trapper Allows Animal Torture

A federal employee of Wildlife Services allows dogs to savagely attack a trapped coyote and is also responsible for other heinous acts of animal cruelty. You can easily do something about this thoroughly unacceptable behavior that uses our tax dollars.

Fish Are Sentient: Proposed Memorial is Justified

Fish are sentient beings who feel pain, and the death of 1600 pounds of fish, countless individuals, in an accident in Irvine, California, warrants formal recognition by the city.

Odd Couples: Compassion Doesn't Know Species Lines

A PBS documentary shows how animals you'd never imagine become close friends and develop strong and enduring compassionate bonds. You'll see "Endearing interactions between a cheetah and a retriever, a lion and a coyote, a dog and a deer, a goat and a horse, and even a tortoise and a goose [that] offer captivating glimpses of supportive connections in the animal world."

The Animal Anthology Project: Heartwarming Stories

Edited by 16 year-old Christine Catlin, The Animal Anthology Project is a wonderful collection of stories about a diverse array of animals including cats, dogs, chimpanzees, birds, horses, elephants, hedgehogs, fish, bees, cockroaches, and tarantulas. I learned a lot about many animals with whom I was unfamiliar and I'm sure you will as well.

'Animal Practice' Canceled: Faulty Media Fails

The show has been canceled because of widespread protests about animal abuse and the reprehensible misrepresentation of animals. I applaud NBC for pulling this ridiculous show.

Lean On Me: A Boy In Need and A Three-Legged Dog

This heartwarming story of a young anxiety-ridden boy, Owen, and his dog friend, Haatchi, shows just how much we can help one another when the future looks bleak.

Beluga Whale Mimics Human Voices: Blurring Borders

This is the first demonstration of a whale, a captive beluga named Noc, mimicking human voices. Highly vocal belugas are called "canaries of the sea". I love reading about research like this because it shows clearly that we need to be very careful when constructing boundaries between ourselves and other species and also raises ethical questions about animals in captivity.

Bill and Lou: Who lives, who dies, and why

Bill and Lou are two oxen who have lived and labored in obscurity for the past 10 years on the campus of Green Mountain College. Recently, college officials announced that as a reward for their long years of service on the college's working farm, they will be slaughtered and served as oxenburgers to students although a local sanctuary has offered them a free home.

Coyotes: Let's Appreciate America's Song Dog

Coyotes, North American's Song dog, also known as God's Dog, are amazing animals who are very misunderstood and horrifically maligned. Coyotes are intelligent, playful, affectionate, and devoted caregivers. Native Americans appreciated them as cunning tricksters. They are among the most adaptable animals on Earth and are critical to the integrity of diverse ecosystems.

A Heartwarming Elephant Calf Rescue: Love Abounds

Watch and listen to this video of a most amazing rescue of a baby elephant. The distressed mother allows humans to rescue her young calf from a well into which the youngster fell. When she gets out of the well the calf runs to her mother and their reunion, accompanied by raucous roars of joy, will move you to tears.

The Dog's Mind: What They Think About and Know

Read about the fascinating research that's being done on our best friends. Dogs have highly evolved capacities to learn words, abstract concepts, and to count. And brain imaging is showing what's happening in their very active minds. Going to the dogs is a good move.

Animals In the Media: Flagrant Misrepresentation

Norah O'Donnell and Anthony Mason laugh as if a fearful and clearly stressed raccoon being tormented by chimpanzees is entertaining. And, by the way, chimpanzees aren't monkeys.

Dogs Suffer From PTSD Long After Japan Earthquake

Dogs show stress long after the devastating earthquake and nuclear disaster.

Green Mountain College to Slaughter Two Oxen

Oxen are highly emotional and sentient beings, and this is heartless slaughter.

Belugas Don't Belong in Captive Whale Mills

Plans to bring 18 whales to U. S. aquariums are scientifically and ethically misguided. We don't need any more whales in captive breeding mills that offer romantic settings along with champagne and strawberries for $450 and other forms of entertainment. There still is time to file comments on an upcoming hearing about this inane proposal.

Along Came a Spider Who Stopped a Highway Project

The presence of the rare and endangered Braken Bat Cave meshweaver spider put an end to a $15 million underpass project in San Antonio, Texas. Some say but it's only a #$&)#)%*#ing spider, whereas others applaud this decision.

Do Some People Simply Like to Kill Other Animals?

"Ethical hunting" raises numerous difficult and sticky issues including the possibility that some people simply enjoy killing other animals.

The Sentience Mosaic: A Wonderful New Resource

The Sentience Mosaic is a unique and interactive platform dedicated to the science of animal sentience. It is a much-needed, most-welcomed, incredibly ambitious, vibrant, and precedent setting resource that deserves close attention.

Whacking Wolves Washington Style

Six members of a wolf pack were horrifically and violently slaughtered by Washington's Department of Fish & Wildlife because they were "believed" to have killed some cows and calves. You read it right, "believed" to have done this.

How Animals See the World: An Infographic

This beautifully illustrated infographic is a wonderful introduction to the visual worlds of other animals.

Grief By a Mother Whale and Coyote Pup Survival

These videos capture events in the wild rarely observed—grief by a cetacean and the survival of coyote pups after their parents were killed.

Baby Panda Dies at National Zoo, Mother Grieves

One-week old panda dies of undetermined causes as mother cries out in distress.

Pandas: Do We Really Need Another Cute "Ambassador"?

A panda recently born at the National Zoo will remain captive for life. I'd like to see more open discussion about what events such as this really mean for the newborn and for her/his species. Babies are good for raising money, at least for a while, but sooner or later when they lose their charm they're often moved here and there to breed. Is this a good life?

Dogs: Their Last Walk at the End of Their Lives

"The Last Walk" is a most wonderful and thoughtful book about our companion animals at the end of their lives. It is one of the best, if not the best book, ever written about this difficult subject. Bring out the tissues.

Most Animals in Zoos Are Happy: Really?

"Most animals in zoos are happy" claims a zoo advocate. A short debate about the pros and cons of zoos is well-worth watching.

Birds Tweet About the Dead But Do they Know What They're Doing?

Scrub jays apparently scream to attract other jays to corpses to warn of danger. But do they really hold funeral services? Based on what we know about other animals it's likely they do.

Animals Don't Laugh, Think, Get Depressed, or Love Declares a Psychiatrist

The essay "The Seven Things That Only Human Beings Can Do" thoroughly and irresponsibly misrepresents nonhuman animals (animals). Why do people who don't know much if anything about animals write about them as if they do?

Why Dogs Hump

There doesn't seem to be a single reason why dogs mount and hump one another, other animals, human legs, and various objects. Size doesn't seem to matter either. Mounting and humping are normal behaviors so let's not allow our own discomfort to get in the way of dogs doing what comes naturally. Let them be dogs.

What Do We Learn From a Tool-Making Genius Bonobo and Copy-Cat Orcas?

Read about a captive tool-making genius bonobo named Kanzi and captive killer whales who imitate one another. What does the behavior of captive animals tell us about their wild relatives? It's still unclear and we must remain open to the possibility that captive studies can both overestimate and underestimate the cognitive capacities of wild animals.

"Natasha Einstein" the Chimpanzee Valedictorian

Meet Natasha, the valedictorian of her class. A new look at chimpanzee intelligence shows just how smart these great apes can be and that there are ape geniuses. This research is reminiscent of Howard Gardner's studies of multiple intelligences in human apes and lays the foundation for work on animal genius and the importance of within species variation in intelligence.