There's much concern about the use and incredible abuse of captive chimpanzees in laboratories. Now, you can see it if you choose to do so. To quote Thomas Rowell, the head of the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana where the abuse occurred, "There were five minutes or less of video where you said to yourself, you know, I wish so and so hadn't said this ... Or I wish they'd have been more careful here." Yes, Dr. Rowell, I'm sure you wish this would go away and you and your colleagues can continue to do unnecessary research on these amazing animals without being caught abusing them. Cruelty can't stand the spotlight. 

Now, imagine what the chimpanzees were feeling. You can be sure they were suffering deep physical and emotional pain because of this intentional abuse. Pehaps they were asking "Why me, what did I do to deserve this?"

Chimpanzees and other animals are not objects, and lies and deception have characterized the ongoing debates about the use of chimpanzees in research. We don't need any more words, we need action to stop the use and severe abuse of chimpanzees in research. You can contact the New Iberia Research Center (Thomas J. Rowell, DVM, Director, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, P.O. Box 13610, New bIeria, LA 70562-3610; Telephone: 337-482-0225; Fax: 337-373-0057; email: Other contact information can be found here

This is the least we can do for these amazing sentient beings who have lived horribly compromised lives "in the name of science." Get them out of these hell-holes now!


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