Dolphins are amazing sentient beings. They're long-lived, very intelligent, self-aware, family-oriented, and highly emotional but they often find themselves in horrible situations where they undoubtedly suffer and die. One such place is Siegfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. At this pricey resort, dolphins are subjected to penetrating sunlight, noise, pollution, and lights, as well as extreme variations in temperature. We're told that the dolphins are kept at this most unlikely and unsuitable place in the name of education and research. What a joke! Of course, this is a thoroughly misleading and ludicrous claim for their being there is purely for greed and profit. Indeed, to be a "trainer for the day" costs between $495 and $795. The dolphins are then made to perform silly, mindless, and unnatural tricks in the name of entertainment. We don't learn anything about dolphins in such an unnatural and inhumane puddle of water. 

The Secret Garden is really a death trap. More than 14 dolphins have died since 1990 from various infections and diseases - about a 75% death rate - some less than 10 years of age. 
Dolphins don't belong in the Secret Garden and you can do something about it. Please sign this petition and get them out of there. 

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