Dog, Cats, and Humans: Shared Emotions Act As "Social Glue"

A study of Japanese people who share their homes with dogs and cats shows the strength of attachment they form relates to the attribution of different emotions to the animals.

Teaching New Zealand Kids to Kill Animals is Very Worrisome

A video showing New Zealand youngsters being taught to kill "pests" should be of concern because of the link between violence toward nonhuman animals and violence toward humans.

Bestiality: Hidden Facts About the Sexual Abuse of Nonhumans

An essay "Zoophilia: A Hidden Horror for Animals" that offers a brief summary about what is known about humans having all sorts of sex with other animals is disturbingly shocking.

Canine Science Isn't a Soft Science: Hard Dog Data Abound

The study of canine cognition generates a lot of detailed data showing general trends and highlighting a good deal of individual variability showing "the dog" doesn't really exist.

Companion Animals Help People with Mental Health Problems

A review of 17 international research papers studied the extent, nature, and quality of the evidence that living with a companion animal had positive, negative, or neutral impacts.

Dogs and Guilt: We Simply Don't Know

An widely-circulated essay misleads readers to think dogs don't feel guilt. While we may not accurately read their guilt, we don't know what they feel.

Remembering Packy the Elephant on World Zoothanasia Day

Zoos routinely kill healthy animals to make room for more captive residents. This egregious practice is called "zoothanasia" because the individuals are not euthanized as claimed.

Free-Ranging Dogs Assess Relative Group Size by Subitizing

Many animals can make accurate assessments of quantity. Researchers say they have a quantitative sense of numbers, often called numerosity, even if they can't count like we do.

Rats Cut Deals and Trade Different Favors With One Another

A new study shows laboratory rats reciprocally cooperate and follow "tit-for-tat." I help you because you previously helped me, when trading grooming for food and vice versa.

Animal Attraction: Beauty Is in the Brain of the Beholder

"There are no free lunches in the sexual marketplace": An interview with Michael Ryan about "A Taste for the Beautiful."

Dogs of All Ages Need to be Challenged: Use it or Lose it

A new study reports dogs show a decline in attention span, but not selective attention, as they age, and that lifelong training can delay or reduce the decline in attentiveness.

Consolation Canines: Dogs Are Not Second-Rate Booby Prizes

The censure of James Corden for giving comfort puppies to Grammy losers is well deserved. Even if he wasn't ill-intentioned, this concern shows cruelty can't stand the spotlight.

Animal Consciousness: New Report Puts All Doubts to Sleep

A thorough summary of what we know about animal consciousness makes it clear skeptics who say something like, "We really don't know if animals are conscious" ignore solid science.

What and Who Dogs Want and Need: Love, Not Shocks

Dogs want and need to be showered with love, play, sniff, and know that their human has their best interests in mind, rather than be tormented by shock collars. Kudos to Scotland.

Is Killing Introduced Predators "Absolutely Necessary"?

The bloody decision by some New Zealanders to try to return to what used to be by slaughtering millions of non-native animals is troubling from biological and ethical perspectives.

The Inner Life of Animals: Love, Grief, and Compassion

An Interview with Peter Wohlleben, author of a new book on animal emotions called "The Inner Life of Animals," a sequel to his best-seller "The Hidden Lives of Trees."

Swedish Zoo "Zoothanizes" Nine Healthy, "Useless" Lion Cubs

An email asking, "Do zoos really kill healthy animals?" didn't surprise me at all. Many zoos routinely kill healthy "surplus" animals as business as usual but it's not euthanasia.

Kangaroo: A Riveting, Deeply Troubling, Must-See Film

In this new documentary, you'll learn about the plight of kangaroos as they're brutally killed across Australia, much of which is unknown because it happens in the dark.

Crows Make Up After Fighting, Then Seek Consolation

A new study shows crows reconcile after things get nasty. After mild fights aggressors preened victims' feathers and after serious fights victims sought consolation from others.

Animals, Exploitation, and Art: The Work of Colleen Plumb

A groundbreaking interview about how art can foster compassion and empathy for animals held in various forms of captivity, individuals who needlessly suffer for human enjoyment.

The Biophilia Effect: Exploring the Healing Power of Nature

In an interview with Clemens Arvay about his book "The Biophilia Effect," he shows that nature is in our genes and humans have a natural urge to affiliate with other forms of life.

"Do Animals Really Know They're Gonna Die?"

Discussions about whether animals commit suicide raise many interesting questions for which there are few, if any, definitive answers about what they know about death and dying.

It's Time to Stop Pretending Fishes Don't Feel Pain

Solid research shows fishes feel pain and they're more than just streams of edible protein.

Life In the Compassionoscene, Freedom and Justice For All

Coexistence in the Anthropocene and beyond means compassion and justice for all. We must stop wantonly killing other animals and decimating their homes in the name of humans.

Dogs Think About and Plan For the Future, Don't They?

It's difficult to imagine dogs do not think about and plan for the future. The place to look for this cognitive capacity is in different sorts of social interactions and Frisbee.

Genitals, Beer Kegs, and the Need For Basic Scientific Study

Two popular essays and a research paper raise key questions about sex, science, and the importance of recognizing basic research as "a valid and valuable use of public funds."

Matter & Desire: Ecology As Erotic Love

In this interview with biologist and philosopher Andreas Weber, we're asked to view ecology as a tender practice of forging relationships and of yearning for connections.

Breed and Environmental Influences on Play in Dogs

A recent study showed neither environmental context nor breed affected social play, but environmental stimuli, mainly toys, produced highest levels of solitary play across breeds.

Coyotes: Dispelling Myths About Who They Are, What They Do

Some recent media claims about coyote behavior are misleading. For example, there's no data supporting "The louder the howl, the bigger the prize."

Clean Meat Will Revolutionize Our Meals and the Entire World

Paul Shapiro's new book "Clean Meat" is a definitive and global game-changer. Clean meat is real meat, and from one single cell of a cow, you could feed an entire village.