A Sequel to Frozen

I hope Elsa and Anna can get therapy.

Shame on Me

Learning what I think of me.

Captain Tube to the Rescue

How can I be honest with my heart?

All I Really Want

I asked for lingerie but what I meant was nakedness.
With Eyes Wide Open

With Eyes Wide Open

Birth and death walk side by side.

Valentines I Will Never Send

Is it too late to say I love you?

Top Ten

Celebrating the art of surrender.
This Boo Boo Stings

This Boo Boo Stings

Living with grief in all its forms.

What Makes a Revolution

The humbling lesson of personal revolution.

Triple Bypass Detour

Respecting my obsessive roadblocks and hurdles.
We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident

I deserve independence from even my own thoughts.


A hearing-impaired therapist teaches me to speak up, and to listen.

The Break-Up

Medicating a mental illness is an intimate affair.

An Ode to Tina Fey

Laughter as medicine
Cancer 101

Cancer 101

My best friend teaches me how to live in today.
Explaining the Unexplainable

Explaining the Unexplainable

I'd promised my toddler we could visit my parents. Only problem: my parents are dead.

The Helpers During Tragedy

Mr. Rogers had it right.

My Person of the Year

You'll know by the shiny pebble in her pocket.

A Response to Hurricane Sandy

Feeling guilty is about as useful as scooping out water with a thimble.
Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?

Did You Ever Know That You're My Hero?

Nobody told me they were perfect. I just assumed they were.
Thought, Fear, Action

Thought, Fear, Action

Radioactive grandmas and full-length mirrors.

In Orbit

Who am I without my rituals?
Hot Sauce and Synchrony

Hot Sauce and Synchrony

Conducting my own experiments on compassion.

Dear Wednesday at 10:15

Now I'm the lamppost

Choose Your Own (Cancer) Adventure

Can this illness be a cure too?


I want to be able to distinguish fear from fact. My obsessive visions from the evening sky.

Hearing Impaired

How I fill in the silences.

OCD for You and Me

Is this thing on?

Why I must leave the KGB

Gorbachev had the decency to step down. So should I.