R & Deism: An Atheist's Religious Children's Story

Many people take religion so seriously that it throws their judgment off. Here's a children's story to cultivate serious spiritual play.

The Language User's Quick Start Guide

Humans are the bulls in the China shop of the world. Why? Because we have language. Here's a short video on how to use it wisely.

Hardening of the Smarteries

Cultishness is not a product of what you believe but how you clutch and strut it. Here's a test for figuring out who has gone cultish with a few comments on why people do.

A Refreshing New Approach to the Free Will Debate

What could stop the free will debate from circling forever? A realistic explanation for what will is and how it emerges from aimless chemistry presented here in four short videos.

With Moral Do's and Don'ts, the Don'ts are Better

Constraint-based morality: In a free society you don't want to tell people how to live. Still, you've got to put a leash on dangerous behavior.

What Living Is and How It Started

Selves try. Non-selves don't. What are selves and trying really and how did they start in an otherwise aimless universe? Here's an unprecedented answer in two very short videos.

R & Deism: A Religious Fable Children's Story

Though I happen to be an atheist, I'm human and therefore prone to fantasy and delusion. Here's a healthy delusion I've crafted for those who believe in a higher power or God.

Some-nipotence: A Real Answer to the Free Will Question

You have free will and the reason you hear otherwise is that scientists got stuck on the assumption that you're just a complex chemical robot.

An Evolutionary Fable

Adaptation got much more complicated once we gained the power of language.

The Obvious Which, Ignored, Makes Anyone a Jerk

Don't want to be a jerk? Remember that winning and being right are not the same thing.

How to Win Mindless Loyalty

Wouldn't it be fun to have people who think you're right no matter what you think or do? A little dangerous, perhaps, but fun. Here's how to get it.

Will Lookism Ever End?

Caring about how we look is a huge and cruel distraction, here's a way we might end up working through it.

Adaptation? It's Way Different For Humans

Adaptation—good fit to reality—is as old as life but very different for humans given our power of language. Here we imagine a beginner's guide for us newfangled language users.

Moral Relativism Is Tricky, but Smarter Than the Alternative

When push comes to shove, we dig in our heels, pretending that nature or the supernatural stands for what we stand for. That's a problem worth keeping an eye on.

Another Kind of Game Changer

Gaslighting suggests a third meaning of the term game changer.


Fear of coming across as a jerk keeps many, but not all men in line.

Mental Masturbation Deserves More Appreciation

We can't help but fantasize, often with great vision often with dangerous delusion. Since right or wrong, fantasy is our human birthright, we have to get good at it. Here's how.

Living With Know-It-All Hypocrites Will Stunt Your Growth

We leave bullies because they're immoral or just bad company. We should also leave them because they make it hard to admit to and learn from our errors.

Ten Varieties of Gratitude

Gratitude isn't just one thing. In addition to listing all the things you're grateful for today, list the varieties of gratitude.

A Solution to The Biggest Mystery You've Learned to Ignore

You've probably never thought to ask even though it's the question behind all your big questions: What is trying and how did it start?

Self-Obsessed but Not Introspective? How Does That Work?

There's a difference between knowing yourself patly and wondering about yourself. The former is more fun, and more dangerous.

Neither Free Will Nor Determinism

We haven't resolved the free-will debate because we don't know what will is. Here's an explanation from will's origins in chemistry with intuitive implications for your own life.

Corking 45

Trump is going nowhere until he's humiliated to his face.

A Simpler, Smarter Response to Accusations

"Well, of course, I'm biased, like you, like everyone. The only question here is whether I'm biased appropriately."

A Psycho-Proctologist Speaks: What Makes an Ass an Ass?

Psycho-proctology, the study of what makes an ass, focuses on the question of our age: What do Trump, Kim Jong Un, Putin, Stalin, trolls & your jerk ex-partner all have in common?

Myth-busting About Open-mindedness

Becoming more open-minded isn't just saying you're open-minded or deciding to think out the box. It's disciplining yourself to follow out harder thoughts.

Fluid Hard-Lining: A Gaslighter’s Favorite Trick

Gaslighters draw a hard line between good and bad, and fluidly wriggle the line to always put their victims on the bad side.

With Trump on Your Mind, Explore What Makes a Jerk a Jerk

Have a pat answer for what to do about jerks? It's probably wrong. Here's a list of 10 common escape hatches that keep us from facing the question.

Obverse Psychology: A Better Response to Know-It-Alls

How to respond to someone who reverses or deflects every challenge, always claiming the "correct" side of the coin for themselves? You expose how we're all dealing with both sides.

The Root of All Hypocrisy

In a pinch, we pull out bogus one-size-fits-all moral rules that we can't, won't, and shouldn't try to live by.