Fair Contests Vs. "Fair" (Even) Outcomes

GOP antics teach key lessons about what fairness really means.

Why Aren’t People More Open-Minded? Think To-Do Lists

One of the best ways to predict behavior is to focus on how events affect people's to-do lists.

Fast Friends or Friends Fast

Clinging to old friends for fear of being stranded alone? There's another way. Get faster at turning new acquaintances into easy cozy friends.

Be Positive. Be Neutral. Which Is It?

Six practical tips for managing your loyalties and doubts, your positive certainty and your neutral receptivity, your open-mindedness and your closed-mindedness.

What’s Your Anti-Gravity Strategy?

People seek transcendence by many means. Some come bundled with belief in supernatural magic at odds with science. Scientists can do more to help resolve the tension.

Complements and Substitutes

If they have this trait, do they have that trait? We deal with such questions a lot. Understanding substitutes and complements can help us answer them well.

Why Do People Cherry-Pick Which Science They Accept?

By not explaining why anything matters, science becomes dubious enough that we can easily escape its inconvenient truths.

The Happy Healthy Pornosexual

Apparently, some can watch porn without it getting out of hand.

The High Cost of Receptivity

Don't pretend that you're exceptionally ready to change your mind.

Face-it Versus Escapist Coping Strategies

Do you reduce stress in ways that increase or decrease your peripheral vision?

How to Break Up When You Still Have to Live Together

Five simple tips for keeping it as simple as possible.

With Two Sides to Everything It’s Dangerous to Ignore One

Here's a simple trick for making decisions you won't regret.

We Are All Mojo Addicts

We all gravitate toward self-revitalizing signs of hope, and in the process, we generate social and interpersonal congestion.

Moral Incentives for Dummies

What is basic morality and what incentive system does best to promote it?

The Serenity Prayer and 16 Variations

The Serenity Prayer is extraordinary moral guidance, not some unworkable "always do X" rule, but a way to frame up a fundamental judgment call we all have to make over and over.

A Really Big Question Part 2

Two friends happen to meet at a coffee shop and get talking about the meaning of life. They end up opening a giant worm can of wondering.

Cultivating Smarter Prejudices

An exploration of what prejudice really is, why we need it, how prejudices go wrong, and how to argue for better prejudices.

Being Right vs. Feeling Right

Feelings feel more factual than fact, more real than reality, truer than truth. The truth can be staring us in the face, and we’re still more likely to believe our guts.

A Really Big Question Part I

Buddies kick the tires on a popular explanation for life: that life energy, vital force, spirit or soul enters matter and makes it come alive. They come away curious.

“Why Do We Keep Fighting?!”

Meta-conflict – conflict about why you're having conflicts, is common to all disagreements and the source of a lot of the agitation. Here's how to map meta-conflict.

The Biggest Psychological Mystery We Ignore

All of the biggest philosophical, theological, biological, psychological and sociological questions boiled down to one that most of us haven't heard nor thought about.

The Psychological Roots of Our Current Hypocrisy Epidemic

We find it hard anxious work to seek the wisdom to know the difference between what to constrain and what to set free. Hypocrisy is the easy alternative to that hard work.


Self-deification is all the rage these days! Climb on the bandwagon! There's room for you and you don't need to know anything to do it!

A Life-Pivoting Change of Identity

Hunger for pride can become dangerously addictive. Abandoning pride and being proud no matter what, don't solve it. Instead, change what you're proud of.

Everyday Gaslighting

Gaslighting–causing someone to question their own sanity isn't just for con-artists. People who act inconsistently but deny it will project their inconsistency on any challengers.

15 Tips for Disappointing the Know-It-Alls in Your Life

What's wrong with some people and what can we do about it? This is the question of the century. Here are 15 tips for answering it in both personal and public life.

Uncommon Tips for Demonstrating that You're a Good Listener

Listening isn't just a matter of opening our ears. Our ears are clogged with fear of losing status. But we gain more status by overcoming that fear.

Impressive Compulsive Disorder

At the extreme, there's the pathological climber, the power-hoarder who doesn't care if winning the game destroys the game board. Trump is one.

A Process Junkie's Guide to Putting a Lid on It

If you're psychologically curious, you may tend to invite more process talk than is useful or healthy. Here are some ways to be available for processing without encouraging it.

Fearsness: Channeling Fear Into Fierceness

When anxious men tend to feign toughness and women tend to feign reasonableness. Here we look at the cost of these tendencies both in our personal and political lives.