Is Keeping Muslims out of US Un-American?

"America First" or "I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door" are competing versions of American history. Both are accurate.

We Are All France (But Not Syria, Libya or Sudan)

Everyone is of equal worth but we can't care about everyone; compassion is selective but justice is universal.

How Gun Control Can Work

It is possible to have safer public spaces and the Second Amendment, just as it is possible to have a car in every garage and safer roads.

If You Break It, You Own It

America is no mood to deal with another immigration problem, but morality requires doing the right thing especially when it is hard.

What Your Doctor Can't Say to You

This conversation can cause a healthcare provider to lose her license.

Cat Lovers In Denial

Love wears rose-colored glasses and that ain't good.

When a Child Is No Longer a Child

When young adults acts irresponsibly, it is hard not to treat them as a child but you need to.

What Makes For a Moral Child

Raising good children, then comes down to three things: nurturing an inner life that is cooperative and empathic; developing critical thinking skills; and cultivating an inner confidence that leads to having the courage of one’s convictions.

Why Children Are Being Undereducated

All children need to be part of a fair educational system.

It Is Good to Smell You Again, My Friend

What sniffing dogs have to teach us about friendship.

Habits Are Necessary but Make Us Thoughtless

Habits work so well because they don’t require thinking.

Isolation Even When Symptom Free

While everyone hopes that it will turn out to be an unnecessary to isolate health care workers arriving from West Africa, acting out of an abundance of caution is reassuring to the community.

The Importance of Disconnecting

The uniqueness of personality is often obscured by the clamor of society, a carnival of distractions.

The Attraction of Terrorism

Young people want challenges; they need challenges; they yearn to discover their own strengths; they want to be part of something larger and more meaningful than their individual selves.

There Is No Choice but to Trust

Whenever we lie to a friend or don’t keep our word to colleagues or jump the line at the checkout counter, we undermine the very thing that makes life doable.

Forgetting: What Washington's Birthday Doesn't Teach

The irrational brains can be tamed by our rational capacities.

I Am Ridiculous, How About You?

To step back once in a while and examine our own absurdities can be a useful thing.

Doctors Need to Listen More

A keen listener is a good diagnostician. Doctors once knew this.

4 Reasons Democracy Is In Trouble

Gross disparities in wealth undermine democracies around the world.

Yes to Free Press, No to Racism: Why I Am Not Charlie

I won't stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those who ridicule blacks as sub-human or Jews as monsters or sacred religious figures as crude or vicious.

Sensitivity Can Have Its Drawbacks

Rather than serving as the framework for virtue, sensitivity may produce the opposite of the virtue of compassion, namely the vice of indifference.

Helping the Environment—Buying a Prius May Not Be One Way

Real change requires changing habits, not just products.

Self-loathing in the Face of Facts

Torture isn’t moral, so to admit that this was carried out in our name is to create cognitive dissonance.

Torture: Safety vs. Moral Values

The war against terrorism is as much a war of competing values as anything else

Police Violence, Black-on-Black Crime and Trust

Police have a serious problem relating to the African American community

The Cult of the Imperfect

If we seek perfection in that which we love, we wouldn’t love at all, for no one is perfect or can ever be.

No One Dies: They Just Pass

Saying that someone has died is nearly a taboo phrase.

Is Kaci Hickox, the Ebola Nurse, Being Irresponsible?

We have the right to move around, but it isn't always right to do so.

On Respect

Respect is the foundation of a good society.