Intelligence Is No Bar to Irrationality

Have you ever wondered why smart people do irrational things?

Is Neuroscience Today's Phrenology?

To reject the findings of science is to choose stupidity; to reject the liberal arts is to choose an immature heart.

Public and Police on Edge After Cop Killings

Can the website help make for better policing?

Kill 1 to Save 5: The Choice a Driverless Car May Make

Will driverless cars use logic or empathy?

Not Seeing a Person's Color Is Nearly Impossible

Martin Luther King, Jr. begged for the day when a person would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. But can we really be color blind?

Ways to the Human Heart

Short sayings, along with poetry, are an important avenue of approaching morality, which is as much about the human spirit as it is about human nature.

Why College Applications Aren't Fair

How colleges should choose an incoming class is as complex as higher education itself.

There Is Such a Thing As Too Much Giving

Huge sums of charitable giving don’t merely supplement public spending; they subvert it.

Barriers to Adoption for Same Sex Couples

Children may suffer in families for many reasons but being raised by a gay individual or couple is not, in and of itself, one of them.

Political Correctness vs. Free Speech

The beginning of real eduction is feeling uncomfortable.

Violence in the Name of God

The issue isn’t whether terrorists and fanatics are acting in the name of their religion but whether they are acting on behalf of humanity.

More Guns, Safer Schools?

Volatile situations produce panic and you need rigorous training to know how to react properly. Putting more guns in the hands of more people isn’t the way to safety.

Four Questions Every Patient Needs to Ask

When a doctor recommends a test or procedure, come prepared with four questions to help you think clearly.

Forgiveness May Harm Society

After the shooting in Charleston and terrorist attacks elsewhere, a question arises: is there anything that cannot be forgiven?

Is Keeping Muslims out of US Un-American?

"America First" or "I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door" are competing versions of American history. Both are accurate.

We Are All France (But Not Syria, Libya or Sudan)

Everyone is of equal worth but we can't care about everyone; compassion is selective but justice is universal.

How Gun Control Can Work

It is possible to have safer public spaces and the Second Amendment, just as it is possible to have a car in every garage and safer roads.

If You Break It, You Own It

America is no mood to deal with another immigration problem, but morality requires doing the right thing especially when it is hard.

What Your Doctor Can't Say to You

This conversation can cause a healthcare provider to lose her license.

Cat Lovers In Denial

Love wears rose-colored glasses and that ain't good.

When a Child Is No Longer a Child

When young adults acts irresponsibly, it is hard not to treat them as a child but you need to.

What Makes For a Moral Child

Raising good children, then comes down to three things: nurturing an inner life that is cooperative and empathic; developing critical thinking skills; and cultivating an inner confidence that leads to having the courage of one’s convictions.

Why Children Are Being Undereducated

All children need to be part of a fair educational system.

It Is Good to Smell You Again, My Friend

What sniffing dogs have to teach us about friendship.

Habits Are Necessary but Make Us Thoughtless

Habits work so well because they don’t require thinking.

Isolation Even When Symptom Free

While everyone hopes that it will turn out to be an unnecessary to isolate health care workers arriving from West Africa, acting out of an abundance of caution is reassuring to the community.

The Importance of Disconnecting

The uniqueness of personality is often obscured by the clamor of society, a carnival of distractions.

The Attraction of Terrorism

Young people want challenges; they need challenges; they yearn to discover their own strengths; they want to be part of something larger and more meaningful than their individual selves.

There Is No Choice but to Trust

Whenever we lie to a friend or don’t keep our word to colleagues or jump the line at the checkout counter, we undermine the very thing that makes life doable.