Are You Asking to Be Paid What You Are Worth?

As soon as I had a few minutes to inquire about a higher salary, the government employee I spoke to laughed at me, saying: “Doctors are rich people, I know you will be fine till you get your first paycheck.” I was speechless. My husband and I were young doctors with two young children and we were living paycheck-to-paycheck while working hard.

The Alpha Female Dilemma

The Alpha Female Dilemma and Balancing Looks and Smarts

Alpha Females and Balanced Communications

The ability to confront or attack is a key leadership quality among many. While male leaders would be called aggressive only when they are about to strike someone in the face, female leaders are called aggressive when they are assertive: clear, direct, and no-nonsense.

Alpha Female

Alpha Female: How do they gain or lose power at work?

Survival Tips for Women and Men

Dealing with mean girls who became mean women at work.

Perform and Get the Best Results to Advance in Your Career

Jack Welch got himself into hot water when he recently presented to a group of executive women. He said everybody should advance based on their performance and results. This statement raised eyebrows and animosity in the female audience: How about unconscious bias, many asked.

"Who, Me? I'm Not a Misogynist"

In essence, Limbaugh, despite his poor choice of words, was at least attempting to stay within the realm of the discussion that was present. Maher can't get away with rationalizations that the "Brits use this word for either gender," since after all, his show focuses on Americans. Nice try.

The Seductive Trap of Demagogy

While it is easy to point at Limbaugh and call his offense what it is, we tend to like a nice guy saying pleasant words to make us feel good or better, particularly if we feel mistreated or wronged in some way. The President’s apology to this woman also makes other women feel good too, because women identify with Fluke and wished for an apology as well.

On Misogyny, Demagogy, and Personal Responsibility

This week, Rush Limbaugh called a law student a slut for asking for health care birth control coverage in Congress. It was typical Middle Ages’ Inquisition misogyny. President Obama’s “rescue” of the law student was also Middle Ages’ chivalry: saving the defenseless demoiselle in distress was pure demagogy.

Do Women Leaders Experience More Guilt Than Their Male Counterparts?

Many successful women experience a profound sense of guilt when conflicted about choosing career over family, and the women who experience this are unhappy with their situation.

Ten Men and Half a Woman: Is Your Intelligence Underestimated?

I've been active in several groups, associations, and boards for a couple of decades now and one of the interesting ongoing conversations is bringing diversity into the groups. Yes, there is data to support that boards benefit from diversity. And there's also data to support that they don't.

Are Alpha Females Healthier Than Their Counterparts?

Alpha females have intrinsic characteristics—aside from being competitive, controlling, and more aggressive, they are also born healthier, more energetic, and more resilient. Sure, alphas can get themselves into more stressful situations by virtue of being more dominant and on the front lines at all times...

Disregard the Stats - Make a Higher Salary Your Reality

Should we listen to stats that pound away at our self-image, explaining why women make less than men? We can look at the numbers and attribute our lesser pay to this well-established paradigm: women are paid less than men, period. Is this your reality? It’s not mine.

Why do women medical doctors receive less pay?

Do women doctors receive less pay for equal work?

Are powerful women feminist?

 Powerful and feminist?

Are powerful men horny?

As Woods is voted best athlete of the decade by Associated Press, his marriage to his wife of five years may be exhaling its last breaths.

Are you an invisible leader?

Hillary Clinton was labeled marginalized in this article. She said this was absurd. Instead, she says she doesn't need to be seen as "the person" who's doing it all, that she favors delegating work and that she doesn't need to show off.

Are you a smart woman at work?

 Are you a smart woman at work or would you prefer to marry for money?

Assertive or Aggressive?

 Are men assertive and women aggressive?

Wise Latina Woman

These three words seem to have raised much controversy when paired with “as compared to a wise white male.”

Good judgment

 While practicing therapists are trained to remain objective as they assist their patient or client without bringing their own issues into the session, a seasoned therapist will skillfully keep their own ideas out of the equation.

Woman supreme

With the pending retirement of Supreme Court Judge David Souter, President Obama has nominated a talented candidate: Puerto Rican Sonia Sotomayor.  

Forever young

 Are you interested in staying young forever?

Word war and the blame game

 The Speaker of the House has been on the news for days now. Coming from a position of power, Nancy Pelosi now faces the embarrassing challenge of undoing what she created in a word-war with the media.

Alpha Female in Training

 The political scene these days has been spicy, even after the election. One of an interesting young player, I think, has been Meghan McCain, John McCain's Twittering daughter.