Opportunities to Feel

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram bring us additional opportunities to feel anger simply by providing more stuff to get angry about.

Anger Over Elections: Breaking It Down

Where does anger over politics come from? And are we angrier than we used to be?

Why Laughter Can, Sometimes, Make You Feel Better

There are countless articles out there about the value of humor and laughter with regard to psychological and physical health. While some of that may be exaggerated, there is a fair amount of evidence to suggest that humor and laughter are important coping mechanisms when it comes to alleviating anger.

Avoiding the Online Anger Trap

Why are you thinking about posting or tweeting in anger? Are you hoping to change someone’s mind? Are you trying to offend people? Is it just to vent? Make sure you are aware of the end result you are hoping for. If you are just trying to offend or to vent, you may want to rethink it.

Three Facts About Venting Online

Venting online is common, contagious, and bad for you. Here are the facts.

Why an Anger Researcher Decided to Make a “Happy” Video

I too noticed the juxtaposition of having the “anger guy,” as I’m often called, featured in a happy video. The truth is, though, that it is not a coincidence. My interest in anger and my awareness of anger problems really did feed into my desire to make this video.

Avoiding the Angry Email

We should think twice about sending angry emails. Our position might be absolutely correct but we make it really easy for others to ignore it by being rude. Once you send a hostile email, the exchange stops being about your concern and starts being about your nasty email.

“I Can’t Believe Someone Would Do That!” Why Parents Get Mad at Other Parents.

Why do people get angry about other people's parenting decisions? On the surface, it does not really make sense. Typically, we get angry when we are provoked, when we think we have been treated unfairly, and when we feel we have been harmed. So why would anyone care if another parent lets his or her child play with food at the dinner table?

Why Driving Makes Us So Mad

If you were an evil genius and wanted to develop a situation that made people angry, it would look a lot like driving.

Five Things to Know About Anger

Anger is a frequently misunderstood emotion. People confuse it with aggression and violence, they think of it as mostly unhealthy, and they fail to recognize the times in their lives when their anger has been positive. To try and rectify those misunderstandings, here are five important things to know about anger.