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Beyond the March for Science: What Now?

Children whose parents voted for Trump are as likely to develop asthma and autism as children whose parents voted for Clinton.
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7 Reasons Why Breast Cancer Is Better Than Depression

The day after my first chemotherapy treatment, I had an epiphany. I was overcome with relief. I was going to be sick and not feel ashamed.
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Predictable, Foreseeable, Preventable, and Unstoppable

There will never be enough armed guards and security cameras to keep us safe in our theaters, grocery stores, streets, hotels, and schools. That’s why we need a systemic response.

How Not to Respond to Campus Suicides

By calling a young woman's death an accident, Penn missed an important learning opportunity.
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Mental Health Is Important, but What About Mental Illness?

We must help people with brain diseases get the treatments they need because it’s the humane thing to do. If it were your child, would you feel differently?
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Mental Illness vs. Terrorism

When I learned 14 people were dead and more wounded, gunned down in San Bernardino at a holiday celebration earlier this month, my initial reaction was: I hope it’s a terrorist.
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A Mother’s Nightmare

Read about H.R. 2646 a bill working through its way through Congress, introduced by Tim Murphy, Ph.D., the only psychologist in Congress, that aims to provide real solutions for America’s broken mental health system.

What Clifford Beers Wanted

Jared Loughner wouldn’t have shot and severely injured U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords. James Holmes wouldn’t have walked into an Aurora movie theater, killing 12 and wounding 70. Adam Lanza wouldn’t have murdered 20 first graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Pope Would Like H.R. 2646

Whether Pope Francis’ visit is a pastoral one or a political one, his messages of inclusiveness and humanity must be heeded. It’s long past time to demand that our federal legislators pay attention to the needs of citizens with serious mental illness.
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Mental Health Care Reform Requires Families to Speak Up

Now, after decades without meaningful reform, Congress is paying attention. Several bills that can improve care for people with mental illness have been introduced.
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Why Governor Abbott was Wrong

Texas law is particularly important to me, as Texas has been home to my adopted daughter since 2011.
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Why People With Mental Illness Haven’t Gained From the ADA

The ADA requires employers to make reasonable accommodations only if they are aware of a person’s disability.
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Mental Illness and Families: Realigning Laws & Science

As the mother of a 22-year old daughter diagnosed with bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder, I have to scratch my head. With an 11-year old son who tried to commit suicide and later, as a teenager, reported hearing voices urging him to kill, Arlene and Robert had to have known James was ill and needed treatment.
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Out of the Darkness Walk II

Crossing the finish line, I had but one wish – that people with serious mental illness would be treated with respect and given the compassionate care Dorothea Dix and President Kennedy envisioned so that far fewer people would take their own lives in the coming year.

Where Is Harper Lee’s Watchman?

I started thinking more like the gerontologist I am, and I climbed into Lee’s skin. Lee had plenty of opportunity to publish Watchmen or write another novel. She never did. That combined with strong evidence of her diminished capacity and the “discovery” of Watchman shortly after her sister’s death makes it likely that publishing Watchmen is contrary to her wishes.
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Screening Test for Mental Illness

In the past weeks as our sympathies turned to families of the victims of Flight 9525, many have asked how we can allow such evil to exist in our world. But the right question is “How can we allow a person with serious mental illness to fly a commercial airplane?”

What Parents Can’t Do

More than twice as many states required parental consent for mental health treatment than for substance abuse treatment.
Bring Back the Asylum?

Bring Back the Asylum?

The Penn scholars may as well have encouraged us to build more “Funny Farms” or “Loony Bins.” These bioethicists should recognize the harm in their cavalier choice of words. Couldn’t they have chosen a less provocative term?

Return to the Dark Ages: Punishing People for Mental Illness

Holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. He doesn't deny he was the shooter, but he and his attorneys claim he had been experiencing a psychotic episode. Now a sentencing trial will decide whether to execute him or imprison him for life.

Psy-feld: Why There’s Plenty Wrong with That

Watching Seinfeld with an eye toward learning about psychological disorders minimizes the serious nature of these disorders and perpetuates stigma about mental illnesses.

Why must society accept untreated mental illness?

The Newtown families should be suing the federal government for wrongful death on the basis that its mental health laws failed to function as intended. Our laws prevented Adam Lanza from getting treatment and they failed to protect the public from foreseeable harm.

Why Is Columbia Silent On Student Suicide?

All were encouraged to rely on one another and on university resources. Phone numbers of the Counseling and Psychological Services staff were provided. But there was no mention of the cause of Joshua’s death in either e-mail.

Sandy Hook Shooting Report Missed One Critical Issue

Using hindsight to identify inadequacies in the family’s and educational system’s responses to young Lanza, the report calls for better training and workforce development, increased family support, bolstered education, and more comprehensive services. But the report fails in one significant respect.

What More Could Myron May Have Done?

May couldn’t have been more cooperative and more eager to get help. His friends were supportive and did everything they could for him. The mental health system and the police failed May at every turn.

Help? My Child Is Just Eccentric

Getting young people who may suffer from serious mental illness to come forward for evaluation is not an easy task. Kids feel bewildered and disconnected. Parents hesitate to suggest something is wrong with their children.

An Ice Bucket Challenge for Mental Illness

Would people video themselves singing a silly song, dancing a crazy jig, or making a goofy face in order to bring attention to serious mental illness?

When a Family Member Commits Suicide

There are many ways for one person to leave another's life. Suicide may be the most painful way for those left behind.

Societal Shrapnel, the Mentally Ill, Could Be Better Served

To fix our mental-health system, we need to address the issue of untreated mental illness. This means changing our laws.

People With Mental Illness Need a Stonewall Inn

Our mental health system is in tatters. There has been a great deal of finger-pointing and hand-wringing over how things got to be so bad. Some blame lack of funding. Others blame misguided priorities. Democrats blame Republicans. Republicans blame Democrats. This blame game misses the forest for the trees. There is a single underlying cause of the current mess.

A Mentor and More

Having lost my mother to suicide when I was 21, I hungered for the wisdom and guidance a strong woman could offer. Elaine had stepped up and answered that call.