Can Self-Care Be Prioritized When Life's "Super Busy"?

How to prioritize self-care when life’s “super busy” and everyone “needs” you.

Six Ways to Help Your Child Shift from Shyness to Confidence

Parents! Here are 6 simple ways to help your child shift from shyness to confidence.

What to Do if Your Child Feels in Competition With Your Work

Is your child feeling in competition with your work? It can be possible to have a satisfying, meaningful career and be an attentive, loving parent. Try these universal guidelines.

Spring Cleaning For Your Career: A Career Checklist

Are you feeling satisfied in your career, working productively, and moving in a direction that feels right for you…? A mental spring cleaning can be helpful.

Spring Cleaning For Our Lives: A Checklist for Couples

Does your relationship need a little more sparkle and sweet connection? A spring cleaning checklist for our live can be really helpful!

Spring Cleaning For Your Life, Part 1

Need to create a more peaceful, productive family dynamic at home? Check out this spring cleaning checklist for parents.

Can You Imagine…Your Kids Being Cooperative?

Are you at your wits end because your child just won't cooperate? Some simple adjustments to your parenting style can make a big difference.

What Really Happens in a Therapy Session

Get some answers to a few typical questions—and misconceptions—about what therapy is, and isn’t, and how it works.

You Are The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

Do you invest in yourself often enough? This article emphasizes the importance of investing in yourself so that you can avoid running on empty or feeling frenzied, especially as we move into the holiday season, when life can get hectic and stressful.

5 Reasons We Resist Therapy (and 4 Reasons We Shouldn't)

Are you wanting to change your life, and you’re curious about therapy or coaching, but feel hesitant? Here are some ideas on what might be holding you back, and why.

How to Talk to Children About Divorce

Dreading talking to your children about divorce? Here are some general guidelines and scripts on how to approach this sensitive topic, listen, and give children the reassurance that they need.

Why “Bribing” Your Child With Treats Doesn’t Work

Do you offer your child a “reward” to get him or her to comply with a rule? “If you tidy you room, I’ll take you to the movies.” But this is not a reward — this is a bribe. And “bribery” is not an effective parenting technique. Learn why bribing does not work when it comes to gaining your child's cooperation and what does.

Feeling Phone-verwhelmed?

Enjoy specific steps that you can take to create a healthier, more balanced relationship with your phone — and all forms of technology, for that matter.

8 Simple Truths About Raising Happy, Successful Kids

Parenting doesn't have to be “mysterious” or “complicated." As I’ve found through my work as a psychologist, coach, and family law attorney, supporting families over the past 28 years — raising awesome kids comes down to some “simple truths.” Live these “simple truths” as consistently as you can, and you — and your kids — are likely to be on the right track.

Back to School

Back to school: How to set your kids up for a happy, successful semester. (Best school year ever!)

Raising Kids Who Love Reading & Devour Books Voraciously.

Tips for raising kids who love reading, devour books voraciously, and practically beg for a trip to the library. Ready to ignite a lifelong love affair with books? Here are 5 questions that can help you to light the first spark:

5 Special Questions To Ask Your Father—Before It’s Too Late.

Storytelling can be a powerful opportunity to reinforce your values and teach important life lessons to your child. Whether you choose to be the question-asker, the storyteller, or both, take some time to celebrate Father’s Day with a beautiful round of family storytelling.

Don’t Feel Like Exercising? 3 Steps To Get You Off The Couch

Three steps to get motivated to exercise. Because sometimes, working out one's feelings is a “must” in order to work out physically!

You Want Couple’s Counseling But Your Partner Does Not

Often the partner who really needs counseling refuses to show up. Still, the answer to anyone wondering, “Should I get counseling even if my partner won't come?" is... Yes.

Parents: Three Lessons You Must Teach Your Kids

It’s never too early to teach children the right way to behave in the world. It’s also never too late to help your kids “un-learn” negative lessons & make significant improvements.

Obsessing Over Wrinkles? Depressed About Aging?

5 questions to help back out of negative thoughts about aging (obsessing over sagging skin and other perceived "flaws") and focus on what really matters.