A New Study Reveals Our Deepest Sexual Insecurities

Google searches of sex subjects reveal the depth of men's and women's sexual insecurities.

The Woman's Erotic Zone

Think you're familiar with the woman's pleasure point? Think again.

Among “Old Married Couples,” Does Sexual Quality Decline?

In long-term relationships, time takes a modest toll on sexual satisfaction. But with a little effort, "old married couples," can rekindle the fire.

Affirmative Consent Doesn’t Prevent Rape But It Enhances Sex

"Affirmative consent" for every sexual escalation plays no role in successful rape-prevetion programs, but it's still a wonderful idea because it enhances the quality of sex.

The Continuing Controversy Over Bisexuality

Despite doubters' claims, the weight of the evidence shows that a significant minority feel erotically attracted to both genders.

Viagra Falls: Older Men Aren’t Very Into Erection Drugs

Viagra Falls: Surprisingly few older men have tried erections drugs, and only half of those who do refill their prescriptions.

The Shocking Truth About Hook-Ups

Myth: Young adults are Tinder-fueled bunnies on steroids. Truth: Twenty-something sex hasn’t changed in 40 years.

Why So Many Women Don’t Have Orgasms

Women don’t have orgasms largely because their lovers don’t provide the clitoral caresses that elicit them.

Evidence Mounts: More Porn, LESS Sexual Assault

Several natural experiments show that as access to porn increases, rates of sexual assault DECLINE.

Penis Pumps: Play With Size. Treat ED.

Useful and fun, you'd think penis pumps would be more popular.

Are Tattooed Women Really More Promiscuous?

Men think that tattoos signal women's sexual availability. Think again.

The Slippery Secret of Sensational Sex

Sexual lubricants are more popular than ever—and for good reasons.

Should Sex Work (Prostitution) Be Decriminalized?

Amnesty International has provoked controversy by advocating the decriminalization of adult sex work.

Myths and Truths About Premature Ejaculation

Many widely-held beliefs about premature ejaculation turn out to be mistaken.

Desire in a Pill for Women with Low Libido?

The newly approved drug for women's low libido, Addyi, works nowhere near as well as safer, cheaper, more empowering alternatives.

Does Circumcision Reduce Men’s Sexual Sensitivity?

The best evidence shows that circumcision doesn't impair men’s sexual function.

Pubic Shaving: Which Women? And Why?

In pubic shaving the new normal?

DON’T Buy Erection Drugs on the Internet

A recent study finds that 77 percent of Internet “Viagra” is fake.

Sex Surveys: Why They Produce Contradictory Findings

To understand sex studies, read the fine print. Critically.

Why Do Women Have Rape Fantasies?

Rape fantasies reflect women’s erotic comfort—wherever it may lead.

Does Hysterectomy Affect Women’s Sexuality?

Hysterectomy may enhance women's sexuality, have no impact on sex, or cause sexual impairment—and no one can predict which outcome women will experience.

Should Couples Share Their Sexual Fantasies?

Sexual fantasies excite the imagination—and sometimes are better left there.

Masturbation: Will the Controversy Never Cease?

Not everyone masturbates, but if you do, it’s fine, even daily, even if you're happily coupled.

Rebound and Revenge Sex: The Truth Behind the Myths

Myth: To get over breakups, people quickly jump into bed with new lovers, often strangers. Truth: Recent research shows that this is more the exception than the rule.

Do Condoms Impair Erotic Sensitivity?

Despite the lingering “shower in a raincoat” myth, if you enjoy the sex you’re having, condoms don’t impair sensitivity.

Why Do Women Have Orgasms?

Controversy surrounds the issue of why women evolved to have orgasms.

Why Cuddling Is So Crucial

As post-sex cuddling increases, so does sexual and relationship satisfaction.

The Surprising Psychology of BDSM Players

Contrary to the portrayal of Christian Grey in "Fifty Shades of Grey," BDSM aficionados are psychologically normal and healthy.

How the Menstrual Cycle Affects Women's Libido

Unlike dogs and cats, women don't experience "heat," but studies show a libido spike around ovulation.

The Sexual Boundary Issue That's Seldom Discussed

Many couples struggle over men's wish to ejaculate into women's mouths and have them swallow.