How Yoga Can Guide Life

Yoga affords significant physical and emotional benefits: is it possible that most participants may only see the tip of the iceberg from this powerful practice?

Can You Know Your True Self?

How do you access your True Self? How is the True Self defined and does it have significance in your life?

A Narcissistic Struggle as an Opportunity for Growth, Change

Narcissism results from an unforgiving uncertainty of one's adequacy, after missed moments of emotional attachment, and leads to a relentless search for affirmation.

Much More Than a Turkey

Researchers confirm that giving thanks is essential for a "good life."

Discovering Your Purpose

Does your life have purpose? How do you know if you’re making the best of it? Where do you find the answers?

Spiritual Power to Redirect the Impact of Divorce

Children often experience divorce as the death of the family. Parents may draw upon spiritual insight to redefine the family.
Why Aren’t We Fulfilled?

Why Aren’t We Fulfilled?

Fulfillment requires care for our body, mind, and soul. Regardless of our station in life, we each possess these resources that each require nurturance

B. F. Skinner’s Struggle with God

My work with B.F. Skinner for over twenty five years revealed a thinker who struggled with both religion and God with greater uncertainty.
Health and Happiness From Spiritual Living

Health and Happiness From Spiritual Living

Spirituality today is identified as invaluable for health and happiness.

Self-Awareness and Pride vs. Narcissism and Egocentrism

Meaningful relationships can be our best guides to achieve our personal best.

Having a Model, Map, and Paradigm for Life

Who has determined the paradigm that establishes my possibilities? Am I living my truth?

Actions Tell Much about Character

The person who spontaneously come through for another in need or danger usually sees himself or herself as just doing what comes natural and is right.

Can Modern Men and Women Believe in Miracles?

When science is elevated and equated exclusively with empiricism and materialism, people deny their authentic spiritual nature. How can men and women today embrace miracles?

Medical Miracles--Embracing Spiritual Phenomena

Medical miracles have historically referenced remarkable outcomes and events unanticipated by medical science.

Spiritual Growth Through Prayer of the Heart

How do you embark on a journey of spiritual growth? What do we learn from those who have pursued spirituality as the pathway toward meaning?
Critical Connections for Fulfillment and Longevity

Critical Connections for Fulfillment and Longevity

Attention to the “blue zones” reveal the answers that zero in on how this is within our reach by attending sensibly to our fundamental needs.

Children, Spirituality, and Society

Parents are essential for helping their children awaken, discover, and develop this powerful dimension of their life.

Do Your Friends Double Your Joys and Divide Your Sorrows?

At the height of your achievement or in your darkest hour, there is no greater companion than a true friend. Are you a true friend? Do you have a true friend?
Can You Recognize a Miracle?

Can You Recognize a Miracle?

If miracles exist, what is their purpose?

Do You Know Your Truth?

Our Truth is something that we live; it's what we really believe. What's the connection between beliefs and living Truth?
Embracing Genuine Spirituality

Embracing Genuine Spirituality

A spiritual life is the most distinctive part of our nature.
Twelve Qualities of Authentic Spirituality

Twelve Qualities of Authentic Spirituality

How do you assess the authority and correctness of your spiritual and religious understanding?

Seven Qualities of the True Self

Seven qualities distinquish awareness to our True Self.

How to Reset and Find Balance

The pressures of daily routines often remove us from the awareness of our talents and gifts—and even from perspective of life itself.

Getting Real, Being True, and Having Self-Awareness

Chasing for answers outstide of ourself often leaves us unfulfilled.

“Feeling Aliveness” Through Our Body and Soul

Each parent’s dream is to place his and her children on the road to discover their unique path to achieve their potential and find their "self."

Talking with Tom Hanks about What Really Matters

this excerpt of interviews, Tom Hanks explains his vision of self, others, and God that defines his discernment and his efforts to live out his true self.

Ten Ways to Know Who’s Good

Sometimes we feel disappointed when looking around for signs of goodness; however, tapping into the Power of our innate Goodness is within our grasp, within own means.

Search Within; There You Will Discover Your Soul

Attending to our soul, knowing our direction and purpose consistent with our authentic design, is the determining factor for inner peace and fulfillment.

The “Cost” of a Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Openness to embracing understandings of others, though different from our own, can expand our relationships and deepen our appreciation of our deepest values.