Continuity Across a Life: Sexuality

Sexuality in elders is a topic that is often ignored, forgotten, or even taboo. How can we get over our discomfort and respect the sexuality of elders?

"How Many of Us Are Left?"

At our annual year-in-review lunch with Glenn, age 96, has a surprise.

When Our Pets Enter the Dying Process

How does a hospice volunteer approach euthanasia for her pet?

Older and Bolder Campaign in Britain and Ireland

A campaign in Britain and Ireland promotes aging in place.

Could We Really Make This Work Without Grandparents?

This is my attempt to value that taken-for-granted work – the work they do on a regular basis for us, their kids.

Doula for the Dying

A dying woman only spoke to me in Romanian, I in English and rudimentary Spanish. I think we managed to connect.

Nursing Assistant in Training

Do you ever stop and think about how integral the sensation of touch is to the human experience? Can you imagine going a day without touching another human? Being a nursing assistant brings these thoughts into perspective.

Hospice in Rural Kenya

How does one begin to talk about working at a hospice in rural Kenya?

Am I living in the right place?

It is difficult to plan ahead, at any age. I don’t know where I want to live either! But considering living environments, close connections, and care resources might help me figure it out someday.

Caring for Someone?

Most of us have a hard time with dependency in a culture that values the opposite. And that’s just the tension that exists in Russo’s tale – a mom who is a die-hard stubborn independent continues this performance for some time, despite functional potential to the contrary. How does a caregiver honor that constant push for autonomy while at the same time being genuine?

A Movie Extra, At 75... Thank You, Academy!

Reason not to fear aging? You can finally do what you’ve always wanted to do.

Elder Exploitation

So far this month I have heard of two elder women being targeted for scams. Contrary to what we might expect, these ladies proved unscammable.

What Constitutes a Meaningful Life? Part Two

Giving thanks for a meaningful life.

What Constitutes a Meaningful Life? Part 1

Flourishing older individuals model how to actively embrace new challenges and creatively adapt in the context of change.

Caring for Joseph at the Edge of Death

Mourning a life lost is never simple.

Meet the Tofani's: A Strong Marriage Despite Dementia

Adult day care is a saving grace for a caregiver and his wife, who has dementia.

Synchronicity Outside of the Pool

Two Stories of Long-term Love: Heroic in its Own Right

Tough Talkin' Josie, at 102

Meet Josie, the tell-it-like-it-is former railroad worker I profiled in Aging Our Way. In May she turned 102 years of age, and now folks refer to her as "102." That's because there's one that's 105 not far away.

Want to Increase Sales? Invest in a Few Electric Shopping Carts

Gramps just reported that he spent $400 at Costco. “I would have been in and out with my walker, but they offered me one of those scooters. So we must have spent 90 minutes in there!”

13 Lessons for Aging Well—Lesson 7

Wouldn't we all be better off if we laughed more? Bill, at 95, believes that humor is the greatest medicine. He stands on his downtown front stoop and jokes with random passersby. He does the same thing at the grocery store and the bank. If he gets people laughing, he figures he's done his duty for the day.

13 Lessons for Aging Well—Lesson 5

Do you ever find yourself thinking about who might attend your funeral?

13 Lessons for Aging Well—Lesson 4

Lesson Four: Take Time for Self—Aging Our Way. This is the fourth in a 13-post series on living well, adapted from Aging Our Way: Lessons for Living from 85 and Beyond.

13 Lessons for Aging Well—Lesson 3

The generation that came of age during the Great Depression learned how to live in moderation, and some are still practicing this ethic today.