Power Imbalance During Divorce

Divorce may lead parents to forfeit their leadership roles and empower children inappropriately for their age, resulting in damaging consequences.

Trust for Children of Divorce

Trust is part of developmental learning. Divorce jeopardizes children's trust and brings child confidence in others to a screeching halt. Here's how to recalibrate this?

Divorce Pitfalls to Avoid, Part Two

During divorce parents confront numerous dilemmas that damage relationships with their children. By avoiding divorce pitfalls, you will enhance the relationships with you children

Divorce Pitfalls to Avoid, Part One

Divorce imposes challenges, reshuffling relationships between child and parents. Avoiding these divorce pitfalls will enhance your relationships for your child beyond the family.

Will Your Child Be Part of the Collateral Damage of Divorce?

Rather than looking at the negative consequences of divorce as fixed, we need to examine the origins of the problem.

Changes in the Family: Impact on Child Relationships

Single parenting carries many responsibilities, not least of which is an even greater need to support children in their understanding for healthy relationships.

Changes in the Family: Impact on Sexual Development

Regardless of the family’s formation, the behaviors observed by children of both single and two-parent families significantly impact children’s sexual development.

No Substitute for “Real” Relationships

What really matters requires riches of the heart and riches of the spirit.

Should You Make Choices for Your Kids?

The quality of your presence as your child explores and sorts through the options establishes the basis for his and her confident and solid decision-making.

Clear Communications about Sex for Effective Parenting

With inappropriate sexual messages inundating kids through the media and culture, parents feel thrown off guard about how to respond.

What Your Child Needs Most When Learning About Divorce

Divorce is a painful life experience for kids today. If divorce is on the table in your home, do you know what to do to respond most effectively for your children?

Twelve Ways to Ease Your Stress in Divorce

When divorce hits a family suddenly everything is up for grabs.

Understanding Peer Pressure: Walking in Their Shoes

Fitting in, finding acceptance, and establishing identity are activities often played out through the child’s “body self”—feelings, attitudes, and behaviors about how kids look.

Appearance and Peer Pressure

Talking with your children about their appearance can be a sensitive topic.

Sexuality and Relationships for Your 6- to 8-Year-Old

The challenges of school for 6-8 year-olds invite important opportunities for parents to help build the foundation for healthy sexual and relational confidence for their child.

When Does Sex Education Begin?

Parents need to develop confident understandings about sex for their children given today’s wide range of messages.

Unspoken Sexual Messages

How do parent sexual values affect their relationships with their kids?

Critical Periods and Critical Moments for Attachment

What can parents do to nurture, impart, and support healthy qualities for meaningful relationships and love within their child?

Checklist for “The Puberty Talk” with Your Daughter

Puberty is an exciting and challenging time in your daughter's life as she moves from childhood into her teens, your presence is vital.

The Dirty Dozen That Parents Need to Guard Against

"The Dirty Dozen" are identified as the major errors parents make in divorce according to children of divorce from a national survey.

Four Essentials to Discuss With Your Kids During Divorce

Meeting your children’s needs by effectively communicating with them, regardless of the overwhelming stress the you are under may be a lifejacket for their wellbeing.

Purposes of Sex

How do your kids understand sex? By explaining sex in an honest and direct manner, you can help them to bridge sex with intimacy and love.

Understanding the Five-Year Old Brain When Talking About Sex

Establishing a healthy foundation about sexuality with your child at an early age creates a foundation for his or her sexual self-confidence.

Should Parents Laugh With Their Kids About Sex?

Helping our children to understand a healthy and positive use of humor and its place concerning sexuality is a powerful lesson parents can offer their kids.

Guidelines for Young People Dating Via the Internet

Internet dating poses challenges and even threats that kids and parents need to consider.

Speaking Out When Witnessing Abuse

Some of the most painful memories of youth stem from experiences of public humiliation--when others do not come to the aid of an abusive or unjust situation.

Being Present for Our Children During Tragedy

Children experience the impact of social upheaval and terror more acutely than adults, yet they often fall into the backdrop as adults manage their fear and anxiety.

Living Words and Actions: Our Messages about Sex

Take this self-assessment about the messages that you convey (often unconsciously) to your kids about sexuality.

Vogue Sexual Communications

With advances in technology, a new form of communicating about sex has emerged: sexting.

Sexual Abuse (Incest): Right Under Our Nose

Parents can protect their children from the scary reality of incest and sexual abuse by establishing open communication.