Becoming The Person I Drank to Be

Everything I know how to do I learned in recovery. Through that, the personality I craved as a kid has revealed itself to be a part of me.

The Real Reason Those Annoying Noises Drive You Mad

For as long as I can remember, certain sounds people make have caused me rage. Turns out I'm not just intolerant; I have an actual disorder.

Remembering Blackouts: Interview With Sarah Hepola, Part 2

In part two of our interview, the author discusses “futon alcoholics,” AA bashers and a child-friendly version of her book (three pages about her cat).

Remembering Blackouts: An Interview with Sarah Hepola

In the first of a two-part interview, the author shares her thoughts on how alcoholism isn’t always a burning building but a "wrecking ball from inside."

So I’m Addicted to Exercise. Who Cares?

I'm a sober addict who exercises. Regularly. More specifically, obsessively. If this is a problem, I'm holding onto it.

AA Saved My Life and I Get Why You Hate It

I thought the only way to tackle alcoholism was through AA. I was wrong. But so are those who stake entire careers on railing against the program.

How I Got Sober

I figured if quitting drugs and embracing clean living was as bad as I thought it would be, then I could re-think the suicide option.

3 Ineffective Ways I Tried to Manage and Enjoy My Drug Use

When you’re enjoying something, you’re not trying to manage it and when you’re trying to manage it, you’re no longer enjoying it. But I didn't know that so I tried a trifecta of ridiculous ways to keep my cocaine use under control.

Please Let Me Act out on My Sugar Addiction in Peace

Those who consider themselves sugar addicts but then quit never tire of lecturing other sugar consumers about the dangers of that white powder. Why can't they just let us leave us alone with our cookies?

I’m the Weirdest Codependent in the World

In some situations, I'll bend myself into a pretzel trying to make others comfortable. The rest of the time, I'll do and say anything without worrying about people's feelings. I don't fit the standard definition of a codependent but trust me, I qualify for the label.

A Strong Girl Behind Yoga Recovery

The movement to pair yoga with addiction recovery work is growing larger than ever. Read the back story behind the woman leading the charge in Canada.

Early Sobriety Holiday Joy? Oy

The pressure to be happy and grateful at this time of year can be particularly daunting if you've just put down drugs and alcohol.

How Has Obamacare Impacted Substance Abuse Treatment?

Unsurprisingly, insurance companies have managed to create loopholes that prevent them from having to provide adequate rehab coverage. But how?

Can’t We Learn From The Death of Robin Williams?

Instead of all the glowing tributes, let's talk about what his death can teach us about addiction, alcoholism, recovery and mental illness.

I Dated An AA Newcomer

Despite being warned not to get romantically involved with someone new to sobriety, I went full force into this relationship—and lived to tell the tale.

What Does it Feel Like to Have Aspergers?

A conversation with a 22-year-old LA resident about what having this "social difference" is like.

I’m Addicted to the Internet. So What?

I know my relationship with the Internet is unhealthy. Does that mean I have to do something about it?

Five Things I Heard in Early Recovery That Blew My Mind

My first few weeks of sobriety, I heard expressions that changed the way I viewed my life—none more so than these.

The 5 Top Treatment Centers in the World

What is the definitive short list of rehabs for all budgets?

What Might Have Saved Philip Seymour Hoffman

People arguing that Philip Seymour Hoffman needed more drugs are severely missing the point. What he needed was less.

How Treatment Is Different For Women

Not only does alcohol impact women differently than it does men but the role hormones play in addiction recovery has been drastically underrated.

Holiday Gifts for the Sober Addict

What do you buy the addict who's in recovery?

Learning Non-Reaction in Recovery

Even at 13 years of sobriety, I overreact—wildly. And I can't afford to anymore.

Advertising Drugs to Addicts

A glut of information about prescription drugs makes it easy for addicts to get their fix from doctors. But worst of all, celebrities are now the pushers.

Taking Aftercare to a New Level

New treatment centers are helping addicts transition from rehab to reality.

Can a Book End Addiction for Good?

By arguing for AA along with therapy, the authors do a great service to addicts.

Is Miley Responsible for Drug OD's?

The connection between Miley Cyrus and the recent spate of drug OD's is dubious.

So I Went Back on Meds

What happens when a depressed person starts taking medication after years off?

Picking a Rehab for Your Loved One

How to find the right rehab for your loved one.

A Letter to My Brother

The letter one man sent his brother who was struggling with addiction.