The Rise (And Demise) of Financial Narcissism

Whether we like it or not, we are at a high point of Financial Narcissism, a psychological mindset in which Self-Worth = Financial-Worth

Silence Is Participation

Again and again we are witness to the horrors of social violence, when a person who is depressed or powerless or otherwise disturbed, like the UC Santa Barbara shooter, commit outrageous acts of violence in our schools, shopping malls, and streets. What can we do? Listen to this interview with Nicholas Carlise, Executive Director of No Bully.

Wealth Gap-itis and the Holidays

Have the holidays increased your anxiety, frustration, and sense of powerless about money? You may be suffering from the psychological impact of the wealth gap. Learn what it is and what you can do to take charge and move forward.

Gratitude or Attitude: When Is Enough, Enough!

Finding balance between hope and despair this holiday season.

Love and Money: Get Out of Your Own Way!

When it comes to money and love, fear can be a great driver of lost opportunity and limited choices.


Lotteryitis has swept the land. What drives people to spend their hard earned cash on a lottery ticket?

Money, Happiness, and Sustainability

You can use this moment of transition to start the new year with a fresh attitude and a doable plan about the spending, saving, and sharing of your money—to live your priorities with greater satisfaction and happiness. But how to get there? What will make this year different from all the rest?