How Honest Are Individuals About Their Sexual Histories?

Disclosing one's previous number of sexual partners is important for sexual safety...but how often does this actually happen? My latest study explores these conversations.

Confessing Your Office Romance

Workplace romances are common...but how do employees learn that two people are dating at work? My latest research study describes this process.

Do You Need Your Partner to Be a Mind Reader?

New research examines mind reading expectations in relationships and associated reactions. How does this relate to combative responses and the silent treatment? Read on to learn more.

How Do Interracial Daters Manage Disapproval?

A recent study describes how interracial daters respond to disapproving looks, comments, and stares.

The Extraordinary Importance of First Impressions

The first few seconds of an interaction are key. This entry summarizes some of the psychological and communicative research that explains what happens during these interactions.

Interracial Daters Are Rated More Attractive

New study compares attractiveness of interracial and intraracial daters

Doing the Work of Relationships: A Maintenance Approach

Research identifies positive and negative behaviors used to maintain relationships

Dating the Dark Triad

The Dark Triad describes a personality structure consisting of subclinical narcissism, subclinical psychopathy, and Machiavellianism. Such a personality profile can influence romantic partner communication in numerous ways; this article highlights a few of those ways.

Do Differences in Attractiveness Really Matter?

At times we encounter a man or woman who is much better looking than his or her romantic partner. Does this difference in attractiveness influence their communication? Research suggests it does. Read on to learn more.

The Surprising Benefits of Kissing

Research documents the benefits of kissing.

The 4 Ways We Compete for Mates

Competition is in an inevitable part of mate selection and retention. Recent work identified four strategies that individuals utilize when engaged in intrasexual mate competition to obtain and/or retain a mate.

Why Do People Drunk Dial?

As Valentine's Day approaches, people might be tempted to engage in drinking and texting former lovers. Sometimes combining the two can be trouble. Why do we engage in cell phone communication while intoxicated? Research identifies five reasons, reviewed here.

Pillow Talk: Communication Following Sex

The study reported here explains how relationship factors relate to positive/negative disclosures following sex.

Selfless Lies: Myth or Reality?

Individuals regularly lie to their romantic partners. As one example, studies show that lies are told in about one out of every three interactions. One way to rationalize this deception is to view it as altruistic or selfless. That said, is there really such a thing as a purely selfless lie? This article summarizes research addressing this question.

Laughing Through Life

Funny people cope better with difficult situations and have better romantic partner conflict discussions.

Let’s Have Shots…and Discuss Relationship Problems?

Although it is not uncommon to discuss relational issues when drinking, recent work reveals how alcohol influences nonverbal communication during relational conflict conversations.

Dislike of a Friend’s Romantic Partner

Unfortunately, there are times when we dislike the person our close friend is dating. Individuals often, then, feel torn on whether to tell their friend about this dislike. Research highlights why individuals disclosed dislike of a friend's romantic partner, why they withheld the dislike, & effects on the friendship.

Reasons Couples Go To Therapy

Research identifies key reasons why couples seek therapy.

Workplace Romance Motives

Why do people date at work? New research identifies four motives.

Will It Last?

Four relationship perceptions predict whether or not couples remain together in studies spanning 15 years.

Understanding Random Sexual Hookups

Although not widely talked about, random sexual hookups are common. This article summarizes features surrounding a hookup, how they ended, and how people feel before and after a hookup.

We Need To Talk: How and Why We Break-Up

We have all been dumped and dumped someone. Find out common reasons for break-ups and the messages we use to terminate relationships.

Fatal Attraction

What attracts us to someone may be the same thing that causes us to break up.

It's Not What You Fight About, It's How You Fight

Four toxic messages to avoid during conflict.

First Date Goals

Why do individuals go on dates? Research highlights 5 first date goals reviewed in this article.

Why Do We Flirt?

Why do we flirt? Research reveals 6 reasons.

Angry Hugs: Using Affection to Lie

Although it may sound counter-intuitive, romantic partners routinely express affection they do not genuinely mean. This article summarizes how often this occurs, the feelings that are masked, the dishonest affection expressed, and motives driving such communication.