The adventures that have the greates impact and leave the most indelible mark all share one common ingredient: Great Companionship. The single most important element (of the Five Elements of Adventure), great companionship gives us not only the company of others, but the opportunity to give unselfishly, recieve feedback, support each other, and work together to reach goals unattainable on our own.

The entirety of this concept can be summoned up quite as simply as with dating. When building and maintaining our relationships with others as we pursue our endeavors, sometimes we have chemistry with them, and sometimes we don't. In other words, when we have chemistry with someone, they are or have the potential to be our great companions.

These people can be family members and friends who play a purely peripheral role to the endeavors we pursue, or they can be those with whom we actually share responsibilities in achieving our goals - such as business associates and creative collaborators. Without the enrichment that positive relationships like these provide, it is nearly impossible to both pursue our highest endeavors and enjoy the sense of fulfillment that accompanies such an undertaking.

Ultimately, our great companions are the people in our lives who challenge and support us in an authentic exchange of ideas and feelings. To have great companionship is to share a sense of trust.

Consider these five aspects of Great Companionship:

Be Authentic: Ask questions you really want the answer to, answer questions just as honestly, and form and maintain relationships that you truly feel are benefcial.

Be Specific in What You Want: Make a conscious effort to communicate your needs preciesly. Be the person who both knows what they want and is willing to do something to get it.

Refine How You Give and Receive Feedback: Offer feedback that is actually asked for and avoid simply telling the person one or two adjectives. Share your experience with them.

Allow Shifts in Your Relationships To Happen: Spend some time determining whether or not your relationships are a reflection of great companionship - that they both challenge and support you. When they don't, be willing to shift the nature of your relationships.

Reciprocate: To foster greater and better companionship in our lives we must challnege and support those around us as much as we possibly can. Treat others as we want to be treated in turn -- be generous.

About the Author

Matt Walker M.A.
Matt Walker, M.S. is a psychologist, world-class mountain climber, and the author of Adventure in Everything: How the Five Elements of Adventure Create a Life of Authenticity.

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