Be Very Afraid: Uncertainty, Fear, and Achievement

Adventure is defined by uncertain outcome. The most significant moments of our lives, the most important decisions and the most meaningful choices are characterized, in part, by uncertainty and by fear. Without uncertainty we have a safe, contained, and predictable experience; we don’t have adventure.

5 Elements of Adventure: Authenticity, Purpose, Inspiration

Adventure is not reserved for youth or extreme sports. Adventure is a lifestyle choice. There is adventure in everything.

Engage Strengths, Manage Weakness

Manage your weaknesses to full engage your strengths.

Routine, Grit, and Vision

Establishing simple, repeatable, and mundane routines set you up for a life of adventure in everything. Small steps, big rewards.

Microadventure: The Salve for Modernity

Engage in microadventure and experience the benefits of adventure locally with minimal time commitment and expense.

Lessons from a Tanzanian Porter

High on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro we received a gift: Pole Pole. Pole Pole was a gift of respite, rejuvenation, a feeling of space that gave us physical and emotional peace.