Trauma. Attachment. Loss. Grief

These are words people associate with adoption. 

Asperger's. Autism. Reactive Attachment Disorder. 

These are a few of the diagnoses kids receive based on their symptoms.

Families seek medical and psychiatric care; they look for support groups and therapist. They search and wear themselves out. They lose hope.

But sometimes there are miracles that help. A lot.

A recent article in the New York Times entitled "Wonder Dog" by author Melissa Faye Greene (whose memoir I wrote about here) explores a beautiful kind of therapy and companionship for such kids (and adults): a canine therapy dog. A wonder dog.

Her article offers hope and gentle, compassionate understanding of the issues parents and kids face when faced with these issues. If you haven't already read the piece, you should, and prepare yourself to be wowed.

You may also cry a bit. It's that kind of amazing story.

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